SEMA 2022: F-150 Leveling And “Helper Spring” Kit From SuperSprings

F-150 Leveling

When you load the bed of your pickup or hook it to a heavy trailer, does your F-150 get a little saggy? Not only is this weight putting unneeded stress on your suspension, but it can also create unsafe driving conditions. Luckily, the situation is easily remedied with the help of SuperSprings International’s (SSI) new F-150 leveling kit that is designed for trucks that tow and haul stuff.

At the 2022 SEMA Show, SSI was happy to announce the first F-150 leveling kit that is designed to aid those towing or hauling. “What we saw on the market was people selling leveling kits but this doesn’t help combat sag when hauling anything,” says Adam Weisner of SSI. “What we have here is our new Journey Better leveling kit, which gives the truck owner the ability to raise the front of the truck up to 2 inches, and includes our Sumo Spring helper spring for the rear of the vehicle.”

According to Adam, the front strut/shock supplied with the kit allow you to keep the stock ride height or raise the nose up to the aforementioned 2 inches higher. The included, rear SumoSprings will help support any load you want to carry. The SumoSpring isn’t your traditional “helper” spring, as it is a formula of closed-cell polyurethane foam and heavy-duty additives to form the spine of your springs. This blend gives the SumoSprings the ability to compress up to 80-percent and expand up to 20-percent, delivering a progressive spring rate. Whether you’re hauling a pile of bricks, a half-ton of car parts, or towing a heavy trailer, Sumo Springs can help keep that load level.

SumoSprings are the world’s first and only “airless airbag” suspension system for trucks and vans and does not require inflation. Once you install them you can forget about them. SumoSprings are a suspension enhancement designed to level loads, reduce sway and improve the ride and handling on trucks, vans, buses, and RVs. The more you load them the more support they provide. All SumoSprings are made in the USA.

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