Accufab’s New Billet Coyote Block is a Game Changer

Last week, Accufab caused quite a stir when it posted a pair of status updates on Facebook teasing a hot new product. Introducing: the Accufab Billet Coyote Block – well, kind of.

While we don’t have all of the details yet (Accufab is keeping them quiet for now), we can draw a few conclusions from the pictures they’ve posted.

The block features billet aluminum construction for increased strength, fewer impurities, and higher metal integrity. It goes without saying billet is inherently more durable than a stock cast aluminum Coyote block. It comes ready to assemble, and includes the main studs, side bolts, front and rear cover, and is sleeved. By looking at the pictures, we can surmise that it features larger head stud holes. If that’s true, there would be no worries about lifting a cylinder head in high-boost applications. It appears that a remote oil filter will be a necessity, and that it is drilled and tapped for AN fittings.

It does not have cooling jackets, and is a dry deck, meaning water or coolant does not flow around the cylinders. The dry deck design also increases the block’s strength. This piece is not built for your average Mustang – it’s designed with serious racers and high-powered applications in mind. You won’t be driving from the pits to the lanes with this under the hood!

While we don’t have all of the details just yet, it’s safe to say that the power potential for this block is going to be through the roof.

We’re told the block retails for around $13,500, and that about ten are currently available.

This block is not the first of its kind – MMR was first to throw its hat in the ring, and is currently running its own version in its Pro Mod race cars. It remains to be seen which block will perform best under pressure, but we’re excited to witness the battle of the billet blocks!

Check back next week for more information on this incredible and exciting new product from Accufab!

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