Black Friday Shopping Help – Selecting the Correct Muffler

For those finishing up a new project or wanting to refine the exhaust sound from an existing vehicle, then it would behoove you to take a few minutes to watch a video from Flowmaster and enjoy some Black Friday savings. Alex Ortega took the time to create a video at SEMA describing the differences in sound and performance of Flowmaster’s line of mufflers.

Ortega begins the video by starting with Outlaw race muffler; this product was designed to meet the needs of race applications where a muffler was mandated, but no db rating was required. This product represents one of the most aggressive sounds available, but have no fear there are milder offerings that will not frighten those with sensitive hearing or those who do not appreciate the beauty of a mildly muted exhaust note.

Ortega goes onto explain the virtues of the Super 10 1-chamber muffler before moving on to the most famous of Flowmaster’s products, the 2-chamber 40-Series muffler. According to Ortega, this was product emerged in the 1980’s alongside the Fox-Body Mustang. With the popularity of this product with Blue Oval crowd, the 2-chamber muffler grew in popularity with truck and muscle car owners as well. From there Ortega explains the benefits of the following 2-chamber designs of the Super 44, Super 40, and Delta 40 mufflers.

For those who favor the Camaros,  Firebirds, and Trans AM’s then Flowmaster offers the 80-Series Cross Flow mufflers. As Ortega moves further down the display, he gets away from the aggressive sounds into moderate muffler territory. These offerings are designed to meet performance needs, space constraints, and even nostalgia requirements of certain vehicles. From there Ortega goes on to explain the options that were available for the diesel fanatic, the sport compact fan, and those who needs a little more from their vehicle without the increased volume. As an added benefit, Flowmaster is offering up to $100 instant rebate, as well as a t-shirt and calendar with qualifying Black Friday purchases.

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