Fox Fans Rejoice! JBA Rejuvenates The Iconic Dominator Widebody

Fox Fans Rejoice! JBA Rejuvenates The Iconic Dominator Widebody

It might seem like the S550 era spawned an abundance of tuner Mustangs with the modern offerings ranging from RTR and ROUSH to Steeda and Saleen. While a some of those names entered the tuner car game back in the ’80s and endure today, several others only existed during that timeframe.

Now nearly four decades later, the JBA Dominator Mustang is making its long overdue and highly anticipated return. JBA Speed Shop

Those names also included the likes of Crawford, Dech, Kenny Brown, Predator, Ronnie Sox, and S.A.A.C. Some of these companies had varying degrees of success with short runs of performance-modified Mustangs, all looking to capture some of that Carroll Shelby magic with the Fox platform.

JBA Speed Shop is bringing back the Dominator body kit and tuner Fox Mustang packages. The Dominator stood out from a host of tuner stallions from the Fox era on the merits of its combination of wild looks and performance to match. (Photo Credit: JBA Speed Shop)

One that made the splash on the merits of an aggressive widebody machine was J Bittle American. Masterminded by J. Bittle and known for its trademarked Shorty headers, JBA also created a body kit and tuner Mustang known as the Dominator. Available in two versions, the GTA and GTB versions it offered upgraded power, sharpened handling, and ample grip afforded by its aggressively wide body kit. Now all those attributes are returning to a new version of the JBA tuner Fox package in 2023.

“The story is an uncommon one. It is a story that the creators (J. Bittle and his team) have decided to continue. It will inherently be reverberating for years to come, as JBA again rekindles another segment of the needy American automotive hot rod market, adding to JBA lore while impacting those still involved and building performance Mustangs and making aftermarket history,” says the company. “A contemporary JBA Dominator Fox-body Mustang is coming. Not since 1993 has the Fox Mustang platform been the basis of aftermarket widebody dominance in Mustang design. This relaunch targets fans of the Gen 3 Fox-body Mustang just like it did originally from 1989-1993 when Trans Am Mustang design dominated Pro-road racing.  Introducing the 2023 JBA Dominator GTC Ford Mustang!”

To that end, JBA Speed Shop is rereleasing the Dominator body kit and offering a complete tuner Fox Mustang upgrade package known as the Dominator GTC. The latter is available in Impressor, Controller, Domination, and Race variants that offer varying levels of suspension upgrades and pushrod engine power levels.

The Dominator GTC body kit is available on its own, and it includes front bumper trim, a front splitter, front fenders, rear fenders, side skirts, and a rear diffuser. There is an interior package as well.

“Now nearly four decades later, the JBA Dominator Mustang is making its long overdue and highly anticipated return. The Dominator GTA, originally developed to go toe-to-toe with the domestic and European exotics of the 1980s, participated and outperformed in print-magazine comparison tests such as just mentioned,” says the company. “The Dominator GTB then launched in 1993 as a complete special vehicle development program just as the Mustang shifted into major redesign known as the ‘SN-95’ in 1994. While the Dominator GTB cars were well received by Mustang enthusiasts and won on the streets, drag strips, and race tracks, the timing was just off-target.”

It will be intriguing to see what the interest level is for a retro tuner Fox in 2023, but if you always lusted after a Dominator back in the day, you can now own a new one — or at least install the body kit on your car.


JBA Speed Shop is also bringing back the Dominator as a complete car upgrade featuring exterior, interior, suspension, and drivetrain upgrades. It can be configured with 500 or more horsepower from a classic pushrod 5.0-liter engine combination.

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