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When working on the interior of your classic ride, you have many options. You can go the OE route and make it appear factory fresh or you can build a custom package that makes your ride stand out. Regardless of what style you choose, you’ll likely need to have some spray adhesive on hand. Thankfully, the folks at Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) are specialists in this area.

If you need help creating a sticky situation, you need to turn to DEI’s improved professional-grade Spray Adhesive. The company has been offering an excellent adhesive to enthusiasts for many years, but the company’s new formula has even greater holding strength. DEI’s high-temperature Spray Adhesive is perfect for installing the company’s line of heat and sound control solutions, as well as other materials including foam, fabric, metal, and wood, in automotive interior and related projects.

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“Our improved formula makes for a very aggressive, high-build, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to bond most substrates while maintaining a high level of tack,” notes Mike Buca of DEI. “The improved nozzle provides a web pattern spray for excellent coverage on all materials with a tack time of only two to four minutes and heat resistance up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Featuring no ODS (ozone-depleting substances), the aggressive Spray Adhesive dries quickly and clear, is California compliant, and is made in the USA. It creates a strong heat- and water-resistant bond when installing thermal shielding, headliners, sound control materials, carpet, and more.

If you would like more information about This spray adhesive and/or DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit

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