RideTech Updates Fox Body Resume With New Suspension Configuration

The Fox Body Mustang has quickly become a car with the most diverse resume in motorsports. Its wheelbase, weight, production numbers, and price point have all continued to allow the 1979-1993 Mustang a long-term successful motorsports run. In addition, the ability to craft the car towards one motorsports or another, means simple changing aftermarket parts could enable one owner to try it all.

We all know the Mustang’s primary use since inception has been straight line racing though, but a recent wave of owners have desired to take their beloved pony car on the road course and handle twisty backroads. Naturally, Setting up a 30 year or older car to handle high speed cornering or dodge cones through a tight autocross course requires proper suspension.

Fox Body

Seems simple enough, but up until recently you were limited to stiffening up your chassis, changing spring rates, or swapping to high performance shocks. All of these were a great step in the right direction, but relied on the factory suspension configuration. Now RideTech has introduced a product that will take your Fox Body Mustang suspension into the modern era with its all-new, bolt-in double wishbone/short long arm (SLA) front suspension.

So, how difficult is it to install the RideTech SLA? Well, for starters the entire kit is bolt-on. There is no welding or cutting required to install it. However, cutting does become an option in some areas, as the strut towers are no longer used. This means you can remove those to provide increased engine bay square footage for header placement or a turbos. The RideTech SLA also works with original and aftermarket K-members, so you can choose an engine combination and tubular K-member without the hassle of having your suspension inhibit your path.

The RideTech SLA also allows you to run either coil-over or air suspension depending on your direction you plan to take. The all-new geometry can provide an even more aggressive track setting attainable without custom one-off modifications being made. Paired with RideTech’s rear parallel four-link with panhard bar and adjustable sway bars, means your Fox Body Mustang can now update its resume to road course champion.


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