RTR Motorsports Light Up the Drift Course with TYPE S

RTR Motorsports Light Up the Drift Course with TYPE S

California-based designer, developer, and manufacturer of vehicle accessories TYPE S aims to create and improve vehicle functionality, safety, and comfort. You might know TYPE S for its LED lighting, dash cams, and jump starters, but if you don’t, they’re here to introduce themselves in a big way. TYPE S has teamed up with RTR Motorsports and Formula Drift to show off several of its products. After all, who doesn’t love a good drifting video?

The video was filmed at the Panthera Training Facility in Old Fields, West Virginia. The first half captures RTR Motorsports’ pre-season testing, while the second half showcases the aforementioned app-controlled LED lighting during a night drift session.

With the opening rounds of the 2020 Formula Drift championship beginning tomorrow, there’s no better way to get hyped up than to watch Vaughn Gitten Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa in action! Keep your eyes peeled when these drivers hit the track this weekend, and you might just spy the TYPE S LED vehicle lighting kits and high-definition dash cams installed on their respective Mustang RTRs.

A Look Behind the Scenes

It took 80 man hours (you read that right) to configure the lights for the video seen here, but TYPE S assures us that those who purchase lights will encounter a much simpler DIY installation. There were a whopping 100 TYPE S Smart Exterior Trim Kits utilized in video filming.

The kits in question are controlled via a smartphone application.

“Being able to open the TYPE S app and setup the lights while being buckled into the race cars made life so much easier,” confirmed DeNofa.

The drivers described their time filming, with Gitten Jr. saying it was “one of the coolest driving experiences I’ve ever had! It was like being thrown into an alternate world and shredding my Ford Mustang RTR alongside Chelsea. The lighting on the cars and around the track looked so incredible; it was seriously mesmerizing.

“The Panthera track was tough because it’s narrow, tree-lined and has hills to drop down if you went off. I had to really focus on driving as all my brain wanted to do was take in the surreal views. Thanks to TYPE S for making some awesome lighting products that allowed us to have so much fun at night!”

DeNofa added: “I did one lap without the TYPE S lights at 3:30 a.m. but it was so dark I went off the track and flew down a hillside at about 60 mph. The lack of visibility made it almost impossible to drive but fortunately the TYPE S lights changed all that for the video.”

With the partnership between TYPE S and RTR Motorsports will come product testing and development for new product lines, giving TYPE S access to high-speed and high g-force conditions in testing. You can find TYPE S products in several outlets including AutoZone.

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