Shake Up Your Modern Mach 1 With Lightweight Carbon Fiber Body Parts

Shake Up Your Modern Mach 1 With Lightweight Carbon Fiber Body Parts

With the release of the 2021-2022 Mustang Mach 1, Ford optimized the S550 platform to make the most of the vaunted Gen 3 Coyote 5.0-liter engine. With an aerodynamic form shaped to minimize drag and maximize downforce, its suspension benefits from gear developed for its Performance Pack Level 2 and Shelby predecessors, all of which were engineered into a cohesive form.

It all culminates in a limited-edition Mustang that pays tribute to the Mach 1 heritage, and delivers performance that the Blue Oval described as the “pinnacle of Mustang 5.0-liter V8 style and performance.”

We wanted to update the overall design, make it functional, and bring some excitement back to the Mach 1 name. — Zach Bohn, Anderson Composites

Even with those credentials, some of the pony car faithful bemoaned the lack of a Shaker hood scoop, which was optional on the classic Mach 1. Thanks to Anderson Composites, you can follow the Mach 1 theme and add a Shaker scoop that blends the classic style with the modern performance of carbon fiber.

Anderson Composites recently released a comprehensive line of carbon fiber body parts for the latest Mustang Mach 1. The centerpiece of these parts is a double-sided carbon fiber hood. Not only is it 9 pounds lighter than the factory bonnet, but it features a fully functional, Shaker-inspired center scoop that feeds air to the factory air box. (Photo Credit: Anderson Composites)


To that end, the company developed a double-sided hood with the aforementioned scoop, along with a front spoiler, front splitter, front upper grille, air duct bezels, and front fender extensions. These parts can be combined with existing Anderson components, like the carbon fiber rocker panels and swing rear spoiler with Gurney flap.

Another significant piece in the Anderson Composites Mach 1 repertoire is this carbon fiber grille, which is a direct replacement for the factory unit.

“The new Mach 1 carries over some similarities from GT350 and GT500, which we currently offer in carbon fiber,” Dave Davis, Marketing Manager at Anderson Composites, explained. “The carbon fiber adds just that bit more detail over the factory matte black aero trim and rear spoiler.”

While most of these parts are direct-replacement replicas of the factory pieces remade in vacuum-infused 3K, 2×2 twill carbon fiber cloth topped off with a glossy, UV-resistant clear finish, the hood was a unique piece. Creating this two-piece hood with a fully functional scoop presented some design obstacles.

“The biggest challenge was the strut bar in the engine compartment. We did not want to remove that or have the end-user cut a hole in their hood. We also wanted to design the scoop to be complementary to the other features on the car and still have good proportions,” Davis said.

Not only did Anderson pull it off, but the design doesn’t just conform to fitment constraints, it delivers performance function as well. And, for good measure, it shaves 9 pounds off the front of a Mach 1.

Rounding out the Anderson Mach 1 bits are carbon fiber front splitters, air duct bezels, and front fender extensions. These bits can be combined with some of Anderson’s other S550 Mustang offerings, like its carbon fiber rear wing, for a complete carbon-fiber makeover.

“We molded the factory hood liner to get the best sealing characteristics where the duct contacts the top of the factory air box. The actual scoop opening measures 2.5-inches high by 15-inches wide and approximately 3-inches deep and channels incoming air about 20-inches to the open air box. The duct channel has a removable floor from the scoop to the airbox area to keep engine heat away from the cooler incoming air,” Davis explained.

Not only do these upgrades reduce weight and feed more fresh air to the engine, but they give the modern Mach 1 an even more cutting-edge persona. Owners of Ford’s latest hypersonic stallion who want to add some carbon fiber bits can check out the full line of Anderson offerings right here.

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