Strange Engineering’s 9-Inch Ford Rear End Is The One You Want

When it’s time to go rodding or racing, Strange Engineering has the big, strong Ford 9-inch rear end you’re looking for. The Blue Oval produced this famous rear axle from 1957 through 1986 and it’s been installed in nearly every Ford passenger car and truck. In racing and hot rodding today, you’ll find these rear ends and their aftermarket descendants in just about everything— not just Fords.

This picture is just an example of what Strange can build for you. For any complete Ford 9″ rear end assembly is a selection of housing, axle package, and center section ordered as a complete package, with everything assembled.

Aftermarket companies like Strange Engineering still produce this rear axle for the drag racing and hot rod industry. The Ford 9-inch housing is a semi-floating, drop-out axle and because of its strength, these rear ends have been utilized in every make of car.

What makes Ford 9-inch axles different from other high-performance rearends is how the ring and pinion gear is accessed. It allows for the pinion side, center section to be removed. This includes the center case, the pinion gear, the ring gear, and the differential or spool. This is a significant advantage compared to other rear axle systems because disassembly is faster and more convenient.

Strange Engineering has designed improvements to the Ford 9-inch rear ends to accommodate drag racers around the country. The company has increased the strength of the Ford 9-inch in several different ways. Strange 9-inch rear ends are constructed of .141” mild steel with a heavy-duty .282” face plate. The housing is slotted along the front to allow complete and secure welding for the housing tubes. Internal gussets provide extra support for the mild steel tubes resulting in a strong and rigid housing capable of handling most abusive applications.

The fabricated 9-inch housings take it a step further with its triangulated design creating a more rigid housing tube support for more consistent and straighter launches. Strange 9-inch rearends are constructed of .125” alloy steel with a heavy-duty .375” faceplate. When paired with a back brace, this housing provides the ultimate in strength and reliability.

Strange Engineering provides a full line of bolt-in 9-inch housings for the street or strip. Whether you’re looking for a rear axle with stock mounts, leaf spring perches, or bare tube for ladder bar and 4 link applications, Strange can custom build the 9-inch housings to your specifications and needs. With a full complement of 9-inch centers and custom axles, the technicians at Strange can direct you into the best combination of parts for your vehicle.

Strange Engineering is the most recognized name in the aftermarket industry when it comes to Ford 9-inch rears. From high-performance street cars to top fuel racers, Strange Ford 9-inch housings are relied on by more racers than all other manufacturers combined.

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