Ultra-Rare 2010 Cobra Jet Test Mule Goes Up For Sale

There’s an old phrase that goes, “If these walls could talk.” This simple phrase indicates that a specific location has played host to many interesting or important events over time. In most cases this is reserved for historical locations or old houses. However, slightly construed from its original purpose the phrase could easily be adopted into the automotive world for cars, especially this 2010 Cobra Jet.

Cobra Jet

I imagine if the 2010 Cobra Jet owned by Brian Wolfe was to ever speak, it would share some amazing stories. After all, this silver snake was a test mule for Ford Racing and was used in testing and product fit confirmation before his ownership. It’s officially for sale now and you could be the lucky owner!

After completing his time working at Ford Racing, Wolfe decided he wanted to buy the test mule for himself. The car brings a historical significance of being just one of four 2010 Cobra Jet mules built and painted silver. The Cobra Jet sports a 428 Windsor-based Stocker engine that was recently updated by Holbrook Racing Engines. While the Cobra Jet’s do not retain a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) each one of these builds were built specifically for class racing and have managed to retain their value quite well.

This Cobra Jet was part of Ford Racing's testing program. It sports a recently refreshed 428 cubic-inch engine done by Holbrook Racing Engines.

So if you are considering running a class in NHRA, have fine taste in collecting Ford automobiles, or just fancy a Cobra Jet to sit in your driveway, then this one of four Cobra Jets is the perfect addition. Interested parties with $64,000 in hand can reach out to Wolfe here. I only ask that you mention your faithful scribe and maybe offer me first dibs on riding shotgun!

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