Video: ’13 Ford Mustang With Custom iPad 3 Installation

Just when we thought that the 2013 Ford Mustang was already high-tech enough, someone always takes it to the next level. With Microsoft Sync and an iPad, it seems like this interior is more of a cockpit than anything with switches and gadgets overhead.

Installed into the dashboard is an iPad 3 behind plexi-glass and he also kept Microsoft Sync. The existing 2013 Mustang console wasn’t just taken out, but relocated overhead reminiscent of the cockpit of an airplane with functioning switches. On the roof above the relocated stock radio is an illuminating running pony that changes different colors. He explains that the circular buttons near the windshield are for iPad/iPod chargers, aux., etc.

Not only can the owner listen to whatever he likes in his new Mustang through the iPad, but he has all of the apps and voice control available at his fingertips. The iTSX app is incredible for storing all of the custom tunes created for his car and checking diagnostics.

With all of that equipment and technology in one place, it’s basically a computer in the dash, making it an incredibly high-tech interior. While the gadgets and buttons are plenty, there is sure to be endless things to do for the Mustang passenger as well.

While the interior may be overkill for those who like a more simple approach, it’s nicely done as far as we can tell. While we don’t see much of the exterior, the interior has some pretty sweet things throughout. According to the video, he says that these are available through his website for the 2010 – 2014 Mustang if interested.

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