Video: 2012 ROUSH Mustang Details

For 2011, ROUSH Performance did not have sufficient time to complete a 50-state calibration and required testing so as to make their Stage 3 Mustang available. It was released as a post-title add-on for those looking for it. The good news for 2012, is that the Roush Stage 3 (newly named the ‘RS3’) will have a supercharged 5.0-liter engine that is anticipated to produce 540 horsepower.

Information released yesterday to the web by Ray Skillman Ford, ROUSH’s number one dealer, provided this tidbit, along with additional new model information. The main news for 2012 appears to be in color and finish options. Stage 3 cars may be made available in custom colors beyond those from Ford. Optional two-tone and metallic stripes are expected and the new ‘RS3′ designation will be reflected in the cars’ badging.

ROUSH Performance’s typical lineup includes the Sport, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and the very popular 427R model. According to personnel at the Roush dealer, the possibility of a return of the Roush ‘BlackJack’ model is expected. Past BlackJack editions have been a black-on-black, full content, limited edition – usually 100 max – car. They have proven popular with Roush enthusiasts and have never failed to sell out quickly.

Recent changes in the ROUSH Performance organization have slowed up the information delivery process and we hope that they’ll get this sorted out soon.

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