Video: 2015(?) Ford Mustang vs. Scion FR-S Review

So you’ve more than likely read and seen just about about everything you think there is on the new Ford Mustang, and of course, you’re impressed. But here’s another take on the newest and baddest American muscle car on the road. A comparison between what these guys think is a 2015 Mustang and the Scion FR-S.

2015 Mustang vs Scion-2You’re probably scratching your head right now and saying, “What the heck, that’s ludicrous, how can anything with the name Scion be compared to the all-new Mustang?” Well, when we first came across the video produced by the Car Bros, we thought the same thing. So how could a Mustang be compared to a FR-S? In a tongue-in-cheek, humorous manner that still offers some intelligent evaluations and opinions, that’s how.

However, the “Bros” put both hot cars (even Mustang fans have to admit the Scion FR-S is fast, sporty, and offers great road handling capabilities) through their paces, evaluating everything from acceleration, cornering, ride quality, interior comforts, exhaust note, electronics, and overall performance, including the famous cup-holder test. The funniest part is that they don’t even test a ’15 Mustang, they test a ’14 V6 model.

The resulting video seen above is full of jokes, screwball comedy, and interesting observations about each car as the Car Bros go step-by-step through their comparative evaluation of the All-American musclecar and the Scion FR-S (origin in some confusion, as one of the Bros calls it out as Chinese, although it’s Japanese). The result is an entertaining and enlightening look at our favorite tire-burning, high-performance street car. Let us know what you think of this video, and for that matter, what car you would like to see us test side-by-side to the Ford Mustang.

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