Video: Mustang Police Car Does Burnouts And Doughnuts On The Street

While they are not exactly legal to do on the street, we all love burnouts. So much so that quite a few of the car shows held across this great country these days feature a burnout contest. There is nothing quite so thrilling as the roar of a car with its engine running at wide-open-throttle, with its tires churning and burning, and rolling off billowing clouds of white smoke.

Cop Car Burnout-2 A good burnout is an especially awesome sight when it involves a car we really love such as a Mustang. But how many times in your life do you get to witness a Mustang police car doing a series of donuts and then a scolding burnout on a city street? In the video above, that’s just what seems to be happening.

Well, pretty close. The car burning rubber in this video looks like a cop car, but it’s not really. And whether it’s just a very good replica built to look like it or it’s the actual movie-car Ford Mustang police ride from the blockbuster film Transformers, it’s still awesome to watch this Ford Mustang cop car roast ’em.

There’s no way to tell which it is, and no information was provided in the video or the description, but that’s beside the point. We’re having so much fun watching this movie car or amazing replica leave clouds of smoke behind, that we don’t really care which it is.

Cop Car Burnout-3

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