Watch A 1600HP 7.3L Godzilla Ultra Street Fox Body Make A Hit

Since the introduction of the 7.3-liter gas engine from Ford Motor Company, we have all been eagerly awaiting to see one in action. Sure, we have seen engine dyno videosmanufacturers starting to produce supercharger kits, and even individual throttle bodies setups, but a built 445 cubic-inch Godzilla engine with a large power adder hitting the drag strip, is a much rarer sight. Well, Godzilla guru Brain Wolfe is changing that, as he takes his ProCharger-equipped 7.3-liter Godzilla Fox Body Mustang out for some test hits. 

If you’re talking about the Godzilla engine, the name Brian Wolfe will quickly be brought up. Wolfe has a hand in everything from development of the engine during his time at Ford Motor Company to working with the aftermarket industry on pushing the platform with available parts manufacturing. His strong advocacy of the engine, has allowed him to build Godzilla based vehicles like a twin-turbo New Edge Mustangs seen at PRI and this NMRA Ultra Street Fox Body Mustang equipped with a Procharger.


This stealth black 1993 Mustang hides a supercharged 7.3-liter Godzilla engine. Built for NMRA Ultra Street, this should make a killer competitor in its class. 

In this video produced by Evan Smith, Wolfe loaded up his 1993 Notchback Mustang and headed to the strip to make a few test hits. After each pass, master tuner Jason Lee would work his magic by leaning out the 7.3-liter through the use of a Haltech. After a few short passes, Wolfe was able to knock down the 60-foot time to a 1.08! Even though a full pass was not seen on video, the noise this ProCharged Godzilla makes running on M1 Methanol makes my ears rejoice. This year’s NMRA Ultra Street class should be a good one, seeing as how the field is becoming more diverse with different power adders and engine combinations. 

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