Brian Wolfe Details 7.3-Liter Godzilla Buyers Guide

When you had a hand in formulating an engine while working at the corporate level, there’s a solid chance you will go into retirement with some killer builds in mind. While the aftermarket loves to see a built engine with a giant blower or twin turbos attached to it, the OEM spectrum can be limiting at times. Thankfully we have diehard gearheads like Brian Wolfe from Willis Performance Enterprises, LLC, who had played a vital part in the creation of the 7.3-liter Godzilla engine and is now making social media rounds with his knowledge and high-horsepower builds.

Willis Performance Enterprises showed their twin-turbo 7.3-liter New Edge Mustang build at the 2021 PRI show.

In this fireside chat, accompanied by alcohol and internet questions, we see a talk of the development that happened behind closed doors at Ford. We then moved onto what is slowly taking form in the aftermarket segment. While the Godzilla engine is not technically new, it is relatively fresh for the aftermarket and is slowly seeing the integration of companies producing products for the big-liter engine. In this segment, two intake manifolds were introduced with Brian Tooley Racing taking the first spot as Wolfe provides details on the intake runners length and reasoning behind them. Wolfe then moves onto the Australian-built Innov8 individual throttle body setup that eliminates any intake restrictions and produces killer hot-rod vibes.

Once Wolfe covered the intake manifold designs, it was time to showcase the Jesel products on the engine stand. After showing off the static engine, they moved onto talking about other products that are becoming available for the 7.3-liter and the difference in design and purpose each one has.This was more than a podcast of two cars guys talking, but in actuality was the buyers guide to properly building a 7.3-liter engine from an expert on the topic. So, if the Godzilla engine has been calling your name and free advice is well taken, then grab a pen, paper, a drink and take notes. Class is in session.

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