Watch An Insane, Blown Big-Block-Swap S550 Roar On The Dyno

When we begin playing with toy cars, it’s usually the wildest machines that catch our eyes. No matter how impractical or unrealistic they might be, a sleek machine with a muscular engine under the hood and a huge supercharger bulging through was the coolest possible car. Well, a popular YouTuber is making such a machine reality by swapping a 600-cubic-inch big-block Ford into an S550 Mustang.

We’re just getting wheelspin right now because of the stupid amount of torque that we are seeing in the first 3,000 rpm… — Emelia Hartford

After swapping out the factory Coyote 5.0-liter engine in favor of a gargantuan big-block, YouTuber Emelia Hartford headed for the chassis dyno to dial in the Holley Terminator X EFI system that controlled the dual 4500 carb-style fuel-injection system atop the massive 14-71 Roots supercharger.

YouTuber Emelia Hartford enjoys a good challenge, so she decided to remove her Mustang’s Coyote engine in favor of a 600 cubic-inch big-block Ford engine boosted by a 14-71 Roots blower and backed by a Tick Performance-prepped TREMEC Magnum XL manual transmission. The new combo made its first runs on the chassis dyno and it sounds insane. (Photo Credit: Emelia Hartford)

“We think we’re getting the fuel cut because it is a safety feature on the Holley because where the tires actually spinning, so we’re going to tighten the straps on the dyno because maybe we’re just getting wheelspin right now because of the stupid amount of torque that we are seeing in the first 3,000 rpm — 1,000 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 rpm,” Hartford enthused.

Sporting the aforementioned 600 cubic-inch big-block Ford engine and a supercharger, the swapped S550 puts down the power via an Ultimate Drag Race Transmission TREMEC Magnum XL from Tick Performance mated by a multi-disc clutch from Advanced Clutch Technology. The hope was for four-digit horsepower output in addition to that earth-moving torque, and that may still come, but the early testing fell a bit short.

“…That was 815 horsepower, so we’re getting there. We think we might be running into a mechanical issue with the car we don’t know if we’re floating valves,” Hartford explained. “You know they looked OK when we kept an eye in there, but either way we’re gonna let the car cool down, pull a plug, take a look at that, and hope there’s nothing wrong with the motor.”

She will diagnose the issue and get back to the dyno to try again, and the saga of this big-block S550 is sure to continue on her channel with a test drive, burnout, and more dyno testing.



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