Watch This Comp Cams Installed 2019 Mustang GT Hit the VMP Dyno

Watch This Comp Cams Installed 2019 Mustang GT Hit the VMP Dyno

Most S550 owners know that if you are planning on modifying your late-model vehicle for the sole purpose of extracting the maximum amount of usable power for the street or the track, adding incremental upgrades throughout your build may yield more significant results.

And this is especially true when it comes to the dual-fuel systems on the 2018+ Gen 3 Coyote engines.

Since the 2018 Mustang GT made its debut in North America, we have had the pleasure of reporting time and time again, examples of just how impressive these engines respond to power adders and boost.

Our goal for this new Stage 1 camshaft is to be a complete drop-in, no tune required option for the 2018+ Mustang GT – Aaron Mick, Performance Account Manager, Comp Cams

But what if your current build goal is not to make that jump to forced induction? Are 2018+ Mustang enthusiasts that want to keep their vehicles naturally aspirated limited to only basic bolt-ons and a tune for more power? And what about the topic of keeping your build CARB legal?

If these sound like the questions you have for your current build, you will be happy to know that the team at Comp Cams is hard at work developing solutions for this type of application.

Comp Cams

Of course, what better car to be the Comp Cams test platform than VMP Performance Sales Director Chuck Harter’s 2019 Mustang GT? Photo Credit: VMP Performance

Final Testing at VMP Performance

Now we all know that the team at Comp Cams is no stranger to making significant power on both naturally aspirated and boosted applications on a variety of late-model performance vehicles.

But this particular camshaft application is not necessarily focusing on huge power gains (remember when we brought up the point about incremental upgrades?), but rather adding usable power to the Gen 3 Coyote throughout the powerband.

“Our goal for this new Stage 1 camshaft is to be a complete drop-in, no tune required option for the 2018+ Mustang GT,” said Aaron Mick, Performance Account Manager at Comp Cams. “This product is still in the final development stages, but it will be part of the FSL series of camshafts, and our goal is to provide enthusiasts with a CARB legal upgrade for the Gen 3 Coyote engine.”

In order to properly test how this Stage 1 upgrade would perform on a Gen 3 Coyote once installed, the team at Comp Cams enlisted the help of VMP Performance in New Smyrna, Florida.  The team even used VMP’s Sales Director Chuck Harter’s 2019 Mustang GT as the test platform. Once the team at VMP Performance strapped the car on the dyno, they performed a series of pulls to see exactly how much horsepower these prototype FSL series camshafts would make on the dual-fuel engine.

Comp Cams 2018+ Mustang GT Test Results

The baseline results on Chuck’s 2019 Mustang GT came out to 441 horsepower stock, and with the no-tune camshaft installed, the car put down a stout 455 horsepower.

While that may not sound like a massive gain in performance, remember we are talking about performance benefits on an otherwise stock S550.

Once the team at VMP Performance worked their magic with a custom tune, the car picked up an additional five horsepower bringing that number up to 460 horsepower by merely adjusting the intake cam timing by 5 degrees on 93 octane fuel.

The above results are what we expected from a drop-in, no tune required camshaft. With the dyno testing complete on a 2019 model Mustang GT, the team at Comp Cams will be taking the valuable data obtained back to headquarters for final adjustments. And when you combine additional upgrades like an aftermarket exhaust, cold air intake, and custom tune, this camshaft upgrade is sure to be a smart performance investment if you are looking for additional power while staying CARB legal.

The new Comp Cams 2018+ Gen 3 Coyote camshafts will be on display at this year’s SEMA Show, with an estimated launch date of Q-1 2020.

For the entire lineup of Comp Cams products for your S550 Mustang, you can click on the companies official website here.

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