Revamping A Fox Interior With Retro-Style TMI Seats

Michael Clark’s 1985 Mustang is sprayed in an unusual Sage Green hue and is building it into a do-it-all performer. One of the latest upgrades continuing that theme is a fresh interior highlighted by a pair of custom-covered Pro-Chicane Universal Sport-VXR High Back Seats with matching rear-seat upholstery. (Photo Credit: Michael Clark)

On the outside of a car, swapping wheels can totally change the look of a car. Inside, it’s swapping seats that can take the cockpit to a new level — in terms of both appearance and functionality. Looking to add support along with some period-correct style to his 1985 Mustang LX, Michael Clark, known as Foxbody Mike, turned to TMI Products for custom seats and upholstery for his uniquely named project.

“I built the Trailer Park Queen for the sole purpose of having one car that can do it all and look good doing it while not having to worry about cleaning the car and or scratching a high-dollar paint job,” he said. “Car shows, cruise-ins, drag racing, autocrossing, you name it, she can do it all and do it well!”

Michael obviously wants his Fox to stand apart from the crowd and his custom seats are a perfect example of that. TMI doesn’t offer his color combo — which he sourced from NOS Reproductions — but the company does offer a number of custom options. We have to admit that Michael’s sand beige/black houndstooth Sport VXR seats turned out great. We also know from personal experience that these seats are comfortable and supportive, so they should serve him well on the street or racetrack.

Doing it all well means looking good and performing well, so Michael knew he needed more supportive, more stylish seating in his Fox coupe, which is one of just 37 Sage Green examples built in 1985.

I decided to work with TMI on my seats because of their top-notch, high-quality work. — Michael Clark

“I decided to work with TMI on my seats because of their top-notch, high-quality work,” Michael said. “I had seen dozens of TMI-equipped Mustangs in years past and I knew right away that they would take care of me and help me to make my car’s interior really stand out like others I have seen that really blew you away.”

To do so, he chose one of the company’s racing-style seats (PN 47-9950-6525-99; $724.97 each), which feature holes for harness belts and supportive bolsters to keep Michael in his seat when he is putting his Fox’s complete Maximum Motorsports suspension to good use.

Reserved Seating

“The new line of TMI Race Seats has eight different styles of race-inspired seats to choose from,” Waylon Krumrie, Sales Manager at TMI Products, said. “From lightweight, fixed-back racing seats to low-back bomber seats — all available in custom color options across the board.”

The new line of TMI Race Seats has eight different styles of race-inspired seats to choose from. — Waylon Krumrie, TMI Products

While TMI offers custom options, Michael wanted to take his interior to another level — one that added performance but embraced a retro look.

“Michael’s seats were a custom one-off design as far as materials go,” Waylon said. “They are, however, based off the Sport X design, which has contrast stitch and a variable of grommet finish options.

He chose a color combo that works well with the car’s unique exterior color, while giving it a bit of a modern-primitive vibe. To do so, he turned to NOS Reproductions to get the materials for his seating.

Michael didn’t just install the new seats; he completely refreshed the interior with painted panels, fresh carpet and a Ford Performance steering wheel. The total package looks great.

Trailer Park Queen Mods

• ’03-’04 Cobra steering rack w/ Maximum Motorsports solid steering shaft

• Auburn Pro differential with 3:73 gears

• C5/C6 Corvette brakes

• FRPP B303 camshaft

• FRPP GT-40X aluminum heads with roller rockers

• Holley Sniper EFI

• Koni SA coilover shocks and struts

• Maximum Motorsports full suspension

• Moser axles

“The sand beige/black houndstooth theme for the seats was an easy choice,” he said. “I have always loved the old-school houndstooth pattern, and it was just what my interior needed to give my updated Fox that retro look and feel on the inside.”

While TMI doesn’t offer this particular pattern, the company does provide a number of custom options on its race-style seats.

“As we produce all of our upholstery here in the USA, we are able to offer custom options such as custom materials, custom stitching, custom inserts, etc.,” Waylon explained. “And, absolutely, this is something we can offer within a certain range to any one calling in. We do not offer custom patterns, but a material change or stitching change to a pattern we already offer is always an option.”

For more on TMI Products line of seats and upholstery, visit the company’s official sit here.

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