I had to make a mock-up of the air cleaner to give my body man so he could simulate the engine/air cleaner being in place. This is required to fit and custom make a hood scoop. Not the 16″ K&N X-Stream top. With wood mock-up would be the actual round air filter.

This shot show the actual air cleaner installed on the carb without the top. As you can see, the top is very close to the carb top.

After installing the wheels and tires, I had to roll the fender lips in. This gave me another ~3/4″ of room in the wheel wells. With the wider wheels and tires I went with, this was needed.

Since I’m finishing off the engine bay, I want to run as much hose and wire out side of the engine bay to keep it as clean and neat as possible. Here, I’m drilling 4 hole for the two A/C and two heater hoses to enter/exit the engine bay. These hoses will run in the left wheel well.