Electric Vacuum Keeps Your Brakes Pumped Up

(Photo Credit: LEED Brakes)

If you don’t know the folks at LEED Brakes out of Buffalo, New York, and you’re an owner of a classic musclecar, street rod or truck, you should start paying attention now. The company started from humble beginnings as a wholesale supplier to the auto industry back in 2004 and blossomed into a full-fledged braking system company.

Tom Leed, president of LEED Brakes, and his team are now in the business of designing and manufacturing its own disc brake conversion kits, as well as hydraulic solutions, for the aforementioned trio of vehicles. One of LEED’s latest products is its Bandit series collection of electric vacuum pumps, which help your car’s brakes retain vacuum boost even if you have a lumpy cam.

LEED Brakes’ Bandit-series electric vacuum pumps are designed to provide an efficient, quiet, and vibration-free solution for supplementing vacuum-assisted brake systems.

“The vacuum pump used in our kit is a rotary-vein-style pump, which is 60-percent quieter than the noisy, piston-style pumps on the market today,” Tom said. “The Bandit-series vacuum pump is also 30 percent more efficient giving you the required vacuum in less time which extends the life of the pump and makes your ride much more enjoyable.”

Fortunately for you, the list of high-performance braking components available from this braking specialist doesn’t stop there. From these offerings to complete disc-brake conversion kits, LEED offers enthusiasts much more on its website, so check out what’s available for your application today.

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