Event Happening: The Goodguys/Speedway Day In The Hay


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If you live anywhere near Lincoln, Nebraska, listen up! On Saturday June 17, the Goodguys Rod and Custom Association will be putting on the 3rd annual Day at the Hay with Speedway Motors.

The event will be filled to capacity with cool cars, cool people, and infinitely good times. The happening will be at the North Haymarket Festival & Sports District, and if last year’s event is any indication, it will bring together more than 1,000 candy-colored and chromed hot rods, customs, classics, musclecars, and trucks through 1972 to downtown Lincoln.


The vision behind this and all Goodguys events is simple: to welcome all enthusiasts of eye catchers like hot rods from the ‘30s and ‘40s, those steeped in lead sled customs from the ‘50s, and aficionados of musclecars from the late- ‘60s and early ‘70s. What’s more, those with late-model muscle are also welcomed at many events. Thirty years later, the spirit of hot-rodding is alive and well at the Goodguys events by virtue of the generations of cars on display.


While attending the Goodguys/Speedway Motors Day at the Hay, fans will get a personal glimpse of just how eclectic the hot-rodding scene is. Acres of 1972 and earlier show cars will be sprawled throughout the North Haymarket Festival & Sports District. The event allows participants and spectators alike to enjoy a trip back in time, as the sight of all of those gathered classics take many back to a simpler time in history.

If you have a dire need for speed, the thrilling sound of rubber meeting pavement will fill the air with excitement as competitors in the Goodguys Autocross compete on a closed race course. Vehicle speed and agility is the name of the game as vehicles battle it out in a weekend long fastest-car-wins contest of speed and skill. Cars registered in the show are eligible to compete in the Autocross, as it is included with their registration.  There are five classes in which to compete, and it is a great spectator sport as well.


Finally, Stacey David, of GearZ television fame will be on hand as well. He will be at the Speedway Motors booth signing autographs Saturday morning of the event, and will also take the ’70 Team Speedway Camaro for a run or two on the Autocross track. And if you like the sounds of great tunes permiating a car show, you will also be able to enjoy live music during the event, as the main stage will feature one of Lincoln’s coolest bands: Out Loud.


Goodguys is all about family, so the kids will have plenty to do as well. There’s a model car program sponsored by Revell that sends the little one’s home with their very own model kit, forging big dreams to one day come back to the show with a life-sized version. Plus, there is a PPG coloring contest and other kids games.

What started over 30 years ago in March 1983 in Northern California is still true today.  Goodguys events are all about cars…driving them, showing them, and hanging out with other car guys. As their company motto says, “Goodguys…Cool cars, cool people, good times!”


The Goodguys 3rd Speedway Motors Day at the Hay is open Saturday from 8am to 5pm, and adult General Admission is $15, while kids 7-12 are $6. Spectator parking is $6, which is charged by the facility. Visit www.good-guys.com to purchase event tickets or to get event details. Call Goodguys at (925) 838-9876 for more information. Show your retired or current military ID and receive $5 off your general admission ticket.

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