Insane, GT350-Powered 1993 Cobra Project Underway

Have you ever envisioned a dream project? Of course you have. However, most of us let that vision slip away. Erik McDonald, of Midway Mustang, turned to Jon Wise, of Midwest Fox Rods, to create his dream Fox project — the Voodoo93 — a 1993 Cobra powered by a 2017 GT350 5.2-liter engine.

At this year’s Mustang Week, several high-end Fox Mustang builds set the tone for the show. One was Nick Meyer’s super-clean ’93 Cobra powered by a turbocharged Coyote swap. We weren’t the only Fox fans to drool on it. Erik McDonald met the man who helped Nick get his running project show-ready — Jon Wise of Midwest Fox Rods — and instantly hatched a plan to build a next-level 1993 Mustang Cobra powered by a Voodoo 5.2-liter engine from a Shelby GT350.

Jon teased the idea when we stopped by, but the project quickly took shape after the show, when Erik, who runs Midway Mustangs, got his hands on a 16,000-mile 2017 Shelby GT350.

Erik already owns an Avalanche Gray GT350 and wanted to do a real ’93 Cobra. — Jon Wise, Midwest Fox Rods

“In Myrtle Beach taking the Cobra with Nick we met up with Erik from Midway Mustang out of Iowa,” Jon explained. “Erik loved Nick’s car so much, he approached me to build this car.”

While they could have just picked up any Fox, Erik really wanted a legit snake and he found one of the first SVT Mustangs to serve as the foundation for the Voodoo93 project.

“Erik already owns an Avalanche Gray GT350 and wanted to do a real ’93 Cobra and that’s what we bought,” John told us.

Rare Breeding

For some, the idea of drastically modifying one of the 4,993 Cobras built in the final year of Fox production might be blasphemy, but to Jon this is a way of preserving the Fox lineage by creating aspirational vehicles.

Projected Voodoo93 Mods

• Voodoo 5.2-liter V8

• Tremec T-56 six-speed transmission

• Whipple 2.9-liter supercharger

• Shelby GT350 Recaro seats

• CCW wheels

“Purists hate it, but I’m not taking rare, low-mile cars to do these builds. Nick’s car used to be a caged, blown small-block race car before he got ahold of it,” Jon said. “If anything, were saving these cars and making them worth more than any clean stock one would command.”

While the plan is based around swapping in the seats and Voodoo engine from the fallen Shelby, this project will feature more than a straight engine swap. John is considering a full Shelby interior conversion as well, but that might not be feasible. What’s certain is the 5.2-liter Fox will truly be supernatural.

What would you get if you combined the first SVT Cobra with the latest Ford Performance GT350 and topped it off with a Whipple supercharger? We are going guess you get awesome, but next spring we’ll all find out.

“We picked up a wrecked 350 last week and plan on a Whipple-boosted 5.2 with a T-56, Recaro interior, Avalanche Gray exterior, deep-black CCW wheels, carbon accents, and, maybe, a NASCAR-style spoiler,” Jon explained.

The idea of this project has us chomping at the bit to see what the final product looks like — and we can only imagine what it might be light to drive such a high-winding hybrid of the first SVT Cobra and the latest Ford Performance Shelby. The good news is that the final car is set to arrive within months, so stay tuned.

“The plan is to have it finished for the spring of 2018,” Jon added.

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