Animals can be adorable as well as destructive, but goats tend to fall into the destructive category more often than not. It appears that a goat owner was so impressed by her animal’s “dance” moves, that she felt the need to record the animal’s actions for YouTube. However, the only problem with the dancing goat, was its choice of performance space — the decklid, roof, and hood of a Ford Mustang.

Based on the information available, it appears that wife or girlfriend of the Mustang owner knew that he would be displeased with the dents and scratches, but felt it was important to document the destruction by goat. However, he might have appreciated it more if she had stopped the goat from performing instead of documenting it with video.

(Photo Credit: Phyllisteen Gibson)

With the not-safe-for-work language in the video, it is safe to say that even more colorful language was used after the car’s owner saw the impact of Sassy the goat’s hooves. Fortunately, the turkey remained stage left and avoided taking part in the performance.

Animals can be fun, but they can also be incredibly destructive. It appears that the Mustang GT suffered minimal damage, but the insurance adjuster had to shake his or her head when the call came in.

After almost a minute of hoofing it, the goat loses traction and slides off the hood of the car. Most likely the goat was not injured during the fall, but the Mustang GT may sustained some additional injuries.