If you’ve been paying attention to our project car articles since FordMuscle got started back in the late 90’s, you know that one of the first upgrades we make to our older rides comes in the form of the 3G alternator. If you are still running a 1G Motorcraft with all of that ridiculous wiring and that ugly voltage regulator, then get with it an try out a one-wire 3G alternator.

We’ve already got one installed on Project RedNeck, FordMuscle’s latest project truck. Search the net for junkyard solutions or consider one like the Mr. Amp shown here from Performance Distributors. This alternator is a 130 amp unit, it produces 65 amps at idle (Part Number 1MR-130-F).

Mr. Amp 1MR-130-F comes with a 6 gauge lead wire and thermal circuit breaker. Hook it right up to the positive side of a starter solenoid and you’re ready to roll. The lead wire can be sized for your application.

The unit we used here retails for $305.