Police pursuits in Los Angeles are an all too common occurrence. However, they typically star some beater car or an SUV. On March 6, a Ford Mustang was stolen in North Hollywood, California. CBS 2 Los Angeles was able to get footage of the driver trying to evade pursuing police officers on Victory Boulevard. Little is known about the circumstances of the alleged theft or the identity of the alleged thief, but his driving skills were certainly sub par.

Los Angeles news stations are prepared for police pursuits thanks to their helicopters and CBS 2 was on the scene shortly after the calls hit the police scanners. LA residents seem to enjoy car chases based upon the number of views they generate. So, when a Mustang Convertible is the star of the pursuit the potential for chaos greatly increases.

(Photo Credit: CBS 2 Los Angeles)

Of course the alleged car thief lacked the driving skills to evade a small child behind the wheel of a Power Wheels let alone highly trained law enforcement officers. According the CBS reporter, the driver of the Mustang had collided with at least two other vehicles before attempting to flee on foot. Within minutes of the video feed going live, the driver gets into traffic and realizes that there is no chance to escape while behind the wheel of the Mustang.

In addition to the world-renowned Los Angeles traffic, the suspect had also managed to lose a front tire during the pursuit. At this point, the suspect pulled into stopped traffic, collided with a silver Toyota, and took off on foot. Apparently this suspect’s running skills were on par with his driving skills or lack thereof, thus allowing law enforcement to take him into custody.