Twin-Turbo Cobra ‘Vert Traps Nearly 170 MPH!

There are few Mustangs in its 50-plus years of production that stick out amongst the herd. Certain models that come to mind include the Boss 429, Mach 1, and GT500. Then, you have the 2003-2004 SVT Cobra, which carried the pre-production codename, Terminator. Some enthusiasts still — despite the car being out of production for nearly a decade and a half — consider this New Edge Mustang the holy grail of all pony cars.

That’s for good reason, of course, and Charlie Hunt’s 2003 Cobra convertible is no exception to that notion. Charlie’s snake features a Turbo Horsepower kit featuring pair of Garrett turbochargers in lieu of the factory roots supercharger. Paired with those turbochargers is an Edelbrock intake manifold, along with an entire host of additional components.

Garrett T3/T4 Turbo Specs

• Maximum flow rate of 50 pounds per minute

• Efficiently supports up to 460 rear-wheel horsepower

• Four-bolt discharge

• Optional ball bearings

Those Garrett snails deliver between 21 to 22 pounds of boost to the E85-burning Four-Valve 4.6-liter, which, according to Charlie, is good for more than 1,000 horsepower at the rear wheels. Naturally, all of that power would be useless without a bulletproof drivetrain; which is why Charlie had the factory Tremec T56 six-speed manual transmission and a solid rear axle assembly built to spec for extra measure.

So, how does Charlie’s daily driven 1,000-horsepower Cobra perform, you might ask?

Well, it’s enough to trap almost 170 mph at the WannaGoFast half-mile event in Calyton, Georgia, last month. “It makes 100-mile trips back and forth to work all of the time,” Charlie said in a video interview by BigKleib34.

“That was only the second time it has made a pass,” he said in reference to the 167-mph trap. No doubt, it is enthusiasts like Charlie who keep Terminator Cobras a relevant contender in a perennial war for the most horsepower.

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