Covercraft, the company that continues to pioneer new technology in automotive protection, has released their latest product, the ViewShield indoor car cover that allows exterior protection and car admiration at the same time.

Covercraft’s new ViewShield indoor car cover.

The ViewShield fabric is a true breakthrough in automotive protection technology. Covercraft indoor car covers made with the fabric produce a revolutionary car cover that solves one of the problems of car covers on special collector cars.

Until now, there has always been a tradeoff between keeping your car covered and protected or showing it off with no cover in the garage. Covercraft has solved that problem by making both protection and admiration possible at the same time.

What could be better than protecting a classic collector vehicle from dust and still being able to admire the car’s inherent beauty? The Viewshield fabric indoor car covers provide the same excellent protection that Covercraft car covers have become known for, but this new technology provides the viewers with the colors and contours that make car viewing fun.

The Viewshield fabric is a Covercraft exclusive that was made specifically for vintage and collector cars kept in the man cave or for large vintage car collections.

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