5 Favorites From 37th Carolina Mustang & Ford Show

You know that if a show survives and prospers, the organizers must be doing things the right way. It certainly appears that the Carolina Regional Mustang Club has something going on with its yearly show. For 2017, the Carolina Pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina, played host to the 37th Annual Carolina Regional Mustang Club Mustang & All Ford Show.

We rode out to soak up the sights at the show, which awards trophies for the Best Original Unrestored  1978 And Earlier Mustang, Best Paint, Best Interior, and Best Interior among others. The show is limited to 250 Ford-powered machines and operates with modified MCA judging rules.

The combination certainly seems to work as the parking lot was packed with some of the nicest Mustangs and Fords the Carolinas have to offer. Of course we were there, camera in hand, searching for the coolest cars on the show field. Check out our five favorites from the event, as well as a full gallery from the show below…

5. Ruby Red Air Ride

Let’s face it, even the most aggressive set of lowering springs just does not get the job done anymore. If it is not on air and in the weeds, it seems like it’s not low enough. This Ruby Red 2014 GT achieves that thanks to an Airlift air suspension setup, but the mods do not stop there.

Tucked up in the fenders are a set of Velgen Wheels finished in a gunmetal gray that goes great with this particular shade of red. Under the hood, the Coyote 5.0-liter engine wears a Boss intake manifold and a Paxton supercharger. You can check out more of this beauty on Instagram by following the owner here.

A Boss Intake, a Paxton supercharger, and some well-placed carbon fiber accents make for an engine bay as easy on the eyes as the rest of this beautiful Mustang.

4. Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino

Whether you will admit it or not, if you were old enough to watch TV in the mid-’70s, you have always thought the Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino was pretty cool. Now, over the years we have all seen the TV cars or enthusiast-built clones around and about at shows

Personally, we have never seen an original so well-documented and presented. We will be the first to admit that our knowledge of these cars was a bit rusty, but a quick lap around this red and white machine got us caught up. According to the vehicle’s Marti Report, it is one of just 1,310 Starsky & Hutch models, making it a pretty rare piece of mid-’70s muscle car history.

Presentation is always important with a show car. The owner of the Gran Torino does a great job with all their memorabilia and documentation. We especially love the huge board of all the plaques from all the shows it has appeared at. It is good to see a car getting driven and enjoyed!

3. Super-Clean Fox Coupe

Mike Stallings’ 1992 Mustang LX coupe is one of the cleanest stock Foxes we have ever laid our eyes on. With its only visible modification being a set of larger Pony R wheels, it is hard to argue with how Ford turned out these Fox coupes and it is no wonder why they are still so popular today.

Featuring an mostly stock black interior save for an aftermarket shifter and radio, as well as a stock engine bay, this Fox’s owner has maintained it extremely well over the years. With so many modded cars out there now, it is hard to walk past a super-clean, stock Fox without a second look.

If there was a blemish on this black coupe, we could not find it. From every corner, this car screams clean. More power to the owner for keeping so stock. We’d have a hard time not modding this beauty.

2. Demonic California Special

With a tag that reads “Demonic,” there better be something nasty behind it. Well this 2013 Ford Mustang California Special GT certainly backs up the nickname. Featuring a Fluid Turbo Concepts twin-turbo kit, the owner tells us the set up has just been finished and has not been on the dyno yet, but he expects power numbers nearing four digits!

Weld Racing Wheels and a big parachute hung on the back are the only visible clues to this otherwise stock-appearing monster. To keep up with the build and dyno results, be sure and follow the owner on Instagram right here.

Judging from the extra E85 fuel jugs in the passenger seat, this twin-turbo Coyote has a serious corn habit.

1. Bagged & Boosted 1999 GT

Kline Dalton’s Mustang is definitely one unique creation. It started out life as a 1999 GT but almost every inch of the body since has been modified. The car is painted in a unique, classic teal color which automatically sets it apart from the rest. Mach 1-inspired black striping adds a nice touch to the teal base, while a Cobra front bumper, rear cobra taillights and Saleen wing add to the look to create a best-of-all worlds situation.

But the build does not stop there. Under the hood is a DOHC 4.6-liter Cobra modular engine, complete with supercharger. Its almost like someone stacked up all the 1999-2004 aftermarket parts in one pile and hand picked the best of the best. You can check out more of Kline’s ultra-cool 1999 GT on his Insta here.

Saleen, Cobra, and Mach 1 — this 1999 GT was built with all the cool parts that just were not available yet when it was new, creating one unique and cool Mustang.

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