MCA Hoofbeats Invaded Atlanta Motorsports Park

When we saw the Mustang Club Of America had an event scheduled at Atlanta Motorsports Park, we jumped at the chance to attend. Often referred to as a “Motorsports Country Club” and “Motorsports Playground,” AMP is a special facility that is worth visiting any and every chance you get.

Tucked away in the mountains near Dawsonville, Georgia, this a special, two-mile road course is designed and built by legendary Formula One Circuit architect Hermann Tilke. He has taken part in the design or upgrades of around one dozen Formula One tracks across the world, including the Circuit Of The America’s in Austin, Texas.

Atlanta Motorsports Park was recently voted one of the “Top 10 Tracks In North America” by Road & Track magazine and with one quick look around, it is easy to see why! (Photo Credit:

This gem features some of that Formula One styling that Hermann is famous for, including the Eau Rouge turn from Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium and the famous Carousel Corner from the Germany’s Nurburgring. Reserved mostly for private rentals and club events, it can be a rare chance to get to drive or attend an event at this great facility.

Named Hoofbeats at the Track, the event featured a MCA National Car Show as well as a several chances over the weekend to take to the two-mile road course. Several sponsors were also on hand displaying their products. The combination made for a great weekend with a little something for everyone to enjoy!

The race track sprawled out over the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains behind the show field and with the constant roar of Mustang’s racing by, it provided a wonderful sound track to the event over the weekend. From stock Mustangs and Shelby GT350Rs to open-trackers and all-out race cars, there was a comfort zone for everyone. That is the nice thing about these MCA track events, you do not have to be a professional race car driver to get out there and enjoy your Mustang on the track.

In the 101 years of the legendary Indianapolis 500, a Ford Motor Company car has paced the field only 11 times. Three of those pace cars were Ford Mustangs. All three years — 1964, 1979 and 1994 — were on display over the weekend. With just over 15,000 Indy Pace Car Mustangs produced in the 50-plus-year history of the car, seeing one is always special. To see one of the 190 1964 1/2 hardtops ever built was an even greater treat!

As with any Mustang Club Of America show, the real meat and potatoes of the event is the world-class show cars. From nut-and-bolt-correct restorations to modified late-model Mustangs, there is a little bit of everything. Over 300 Mustangs were on hand on the sold-out show field for everyone to enjoy.

This pair of SCCA Factory Stock SVO Mustangs certainly caught our eye sitting down on the blue skid pad at the driver development center at the track. The #6 Mac Tools car and the #16 Varsity Ford car, these are two cool pieces of Fox and SVO history. Getting to see them outside of a museum and at an actual racetrack setting is even cooler!

As usual, the Mustang Club Of America was a great host for another great event! If you are not familiar with the MCA or what they have to offer, be sure and check them out by clicking here!

As if this supercharged factory Shelby needed anything else to make it special, this 1966 Shelby GT350 had an interesting backstory! The car was actually used in the early ’70s in a police training video! As you would expect, this bad boy was used in the video as the get away vehicle for the bank robbers!

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