Carlisle Ford Nationals Kicks Ford Fans Into High Gear

If you are ever interested in learning about all the amazing vehicles produced by Ford over the years, you have a few options. You can choose between Google, the library, or attending the Carlisle Ford Nationals. I chose the latter, as it provides a hands-on experience unlike most car shows. You can catch old hot-rods to modern muscle, track-centric to off-road capable, and everything in between.


Carlisle, Pennsylvania is located just one town over from Pennsylvania’s capital city of Harrisburg. During this time of year the weather is in its prime and the grounds provide a great atmosphere and an abundance of Ford vehicles. While Ford’s favorite pony car is well represented, there is also Ford’s from all other walks of life. Once the Fox Body fixation wears off, you can stumble towards a group of Rancheros, classic or modern Mustangs, or make your way towards the sport compacts. Walking up a slight incline and you’re in Ford’s off-road heaven surrounded by Broncos and F-150’s of all generations.

The show not only allows us a peek into the rearview mirror, but also a view into what is to come. Shelby American presented a big-block Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe concept car that should spark the interest of any Ford enthusiast or Carroll Shelby continuation consumer. The all aluminum chassis and power V8 engine created a stir as it rumbled to life. Meanwhile, Ford Motor Company was showcasing new color combinations and packages on their latest models.

Big or small, Carlisle has it all! This little lady was cruising her S550 Mustang through the pits.

While each aisle pairs sibling ‘Stangs or Bronco brothers together, walking the rows on the Carlisle grounds is more than just a car show, it’s a history lesson. If you’re ready for some history of what Ford produced in the last few decades and some insight into the future, then scroll through our photo gallery. If you happened to be in attendance, then keep a keen eye open to see if’s camera caught your car shining.

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