Mustang Week’s Annual Cruise-In Caps Off Great Week

Even the chance of a hurricane blowing through could not slow down the attendance of the annual cruise in at Mustang Week! With a new location and new date for 2017, Ford Mustangs filled the lots at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center as usual!

The new location seemed to provide a much easier access for participants as well as ample parking for everyone to have a spot inside the show grounds — if they wanted it. Of course, we were there camera in hand for it all! Check out some of our favorite Mustangs below…

As is tradition, the Fox Mustangs in the annual Foxbody Cruise were some of the first onto the show field. Coming off a half-hour cruise featuring over 100 Foxes, the group were parked right up front by the impressive Ford Performance display.

We heard several people mention during the week that it was “The Year Of The Fox” and that certainly could have been true. The level of Fox Mustangs that show up for this event continue to impress us year after year! Be sure and keep an eye out for more coverage from the annual Foxbody Cruise.

Both The Foxcast and The Southeastern Foxbodies Club both featured an impressive display of some of the nicest Fox Mustangs on the property!

The end of the week long beach trip is signaled by the annual Mustang Week Awards Ceremony on Saturday afternoon. The Mustang Week awards are some of the most prestigious and sought after awards of the year. Many participants spend all year and thousands of dollars building their cars to bring to the beach in hopes of taking away either an Award of Excellence or one of the Best Of Awards.

After the awards were given out, the winners of the popular Mustang Week raffle were announced and a few lucky winners take home some killer parts and prizes. From there, it was time to say goodbye to old friends and new, time to start the 365-day countdown until the next trip to the beach and Mustang Week 2019. We hope to see you there!

Wayne McCutchen’s 1994 Indy Pace Car Cobra took home Best ’94-’95 Cobra in the car show awards on Saturday. With a nice mix of modifications on top of the cool Indy Pace Car platform we can certainly see why this red pony was a winner.

Troy and Mark Garner’s 1971 and 1972 blue Mach 1 Mustang’s caught our eye at the cruise-in — one stock and one modified — it was a bit of a beauty and the best display that was certainly cool to see.

Rob Miller’s Sand Beige Coupe, better known as “Sandy” was certainly a crowd favorite at the cruise-in. The car took home Ford Muscle Executive Editor Steve Turner’s Editors Choice Award.

Mustang Week Staff Members Mike Clay and Brad Worley address the crowd (top). A sampling of the popular Mustang Week Raffle 2017 giveaway items (bottom).

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