Road Blog: Goodguys Hall Of Fame Road Tour With Team Mustang Girls

Courtney Barber of Team Mustang Girls  loves driving her ’65 Mustang, and when we say that we mean it. To the point that when she’s not driving it she’s just plain bored. And that was her mood last Monday. She has filled her year with both the Bullrun and Rally North America events, plus the 50th Anniversary Mustang cruise to Charlotte in April, but last week there were no road trips on the calendar. Then she read Editor Creason’s article about the GoodGuys Hall of Fame Road Tour and it looked like the perfect excuse to get her car back on the road, but the deadline for entry was that day. Six days later she left South Carolina and was on the road to California for the starting point at GoodGuys World Headquarters in Pleasanton, CA.

After a quick 2,800-mile trip and the spotting of  a 2015 Mustang on the road in Malibu she arrived at the start to see not only an amazing combination of hot rods, but one of the coolest offices ever. There was a huge garage filled with cars, some still in the process of being built. Then the offices -if you ever imagined having a job as a child this would be the vision. There were toys and photos everywhere and the best part, Whitewall, GoodGuys’ main honcho Gary Meadors’ dog, which is a regular in the office.  
Once the roughly 35  cars arrived there was a quick driver’s meeting and they were off. The plan was to enjoy a slow cruise out of town together and head to the first stop for the day at Lucky 7 Speed Shop.  That lasted for about 2 minutes. Try to tell a bunch of guys with a lot of  horsepower to cruise slow! Some clouds and rain showed up during the drive but luckily disappeared quickly enough. After checking out the shop and having a great lunch the tour was headed to the final stop for the day in Carson City, Nevada. The clouds parted and the sun shined through and there were 2 rainbows leading the way through Lake Tahoe into Carson City.
 Tomorrow we head out across northern Nevada with a final destination of Wendover, Utah. Yes, that’s the town closest to the Bonneville Salt Flats. And yes, Courtney will drive on the Salt!

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