Grille For The Kill: Nick Harker’s 2015 Mustang GT

The immediate thing that stands out when you take a glance at Nick Harker’s 2015 Mustang GT is the front end. It’s definitely not a stock S550 Mustang GT front clip. The front of this car looks serious, and true to form the car directly behind that grille it is very serious. With a Whipple supercharger, Ford Performance’s FR3 track suspension and RTR Tech 7 wheels this car means absolutely serious business. In fact, the car is so serious aftermarket part supplier American Muscle decided to feature Nick’s Mustang as part of their Customer Build Series Videos.

With a slew of parts ordered from American Muscle to fully customize this 2015 Mustang, including Raxiom LED Projector Headlights and Halo Fog Lights it is no surprise American Muscle chose to highlight this particular build. However, one of the most eye-catching parts of Nick’s Mustang wasn’t something ordered from a parts catalog. The grille placed inside the MP Concepts GT500 style front bumper is a one-off custom made by Nick himself sourced from a S197 Mustang.

Nick built this grille by hacking away at a S197 fog light grille until it fit in the S550. He worked with a Boss 302 grille but found it was too flexible to hold the lights.

Nick tried a few different grille options until he found the one that worked perfectly for the aesthetic he was looking for. After playing with a Boss 302 grille he realized the fix was to mount his Raxiom fog lights directly to the Whipple dual 11-Inch fans for the Whipple heat exchanger. After some careful fabrication so things lined up just right, the front end with the MP Concepts GT500 style front bumper came together just right. The MP Concepts GT500 style aluminum hood also adds to the seriousness of the front of this Mustang.

The solution to solving the custom grille fitment issue for Nick was to mount the fog lights to the Whipple fans.

This 2015 Mustang build isn’t just a custom grille, it also has all sorts of performance attached to it. Nick, who serves in the United States Air Force in California, chose his Instagram handle as 757Coyote based on the massive 757 ponies this Mustang is putting out at the wheels. This power is attributed to the red Whipple W175AX 2.9L intercooled supercharger kit running on 91-octane fuel.

The Whipple supercharger is the culprit behind the big power in Nick’s S550 Mustang.

Nick was smart during the build-up of his 2015 Mustang GT. He didn’t just throw in huge power without upgrading the rest of the car. “I wanted to upgrade the suspension to give it a good base before I just rammed a bunch of horsepower in it,” said Nick. He added Ford Performance’s complete FR3 track suspension kit. He has tried both Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tires and Nitto NT05R drag radials doing all he can to keep some of the 757 horsepower connected to the ground (with limited success in First and Second gears).

One of the first mods Nick made to his 2015 Mustang was Ford Performance’s FR3 track suspension kit.

Because of Nick’s occupation with the U.S. Air Force he is shipping the Mustang to Germany and plans to run it around the famed Nurburgring and parts of the Autobahn. This car certainly turns heads in California, but without a doubt it will be snapping necks in Germany. More photos of Nick’s build can be found on the car’s American Muscle build page.

Follow Nick on Instagram by finding him @757Coyote

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