Reader’s Rig: Dalton Dyer’s Stout 6.0 Power Stroke

When we first met Dalton Dyer from Wichita Falls, Texas, we learned his profession is, diesel mechanic. That’s a fitting way to make a living for someone who drives a diesel truck. Anyway, he’s owned many diesel trucks over the years, but his latest project is a 2004 F-350 King Ranch. This 6.0-liter Power Stroke-powered F-350 dually makes for one stout tow rig, even though it has a respectable 344,000 on the dash. Not surprisingly, even with that mileage, the engine has never needed new head studs and still has a stock bottom end.

Dalton says, “The truck is used daily to transport vehicles and equipment, and on occasion, hauls hay. It has pulled everything I’ve put behind it with no issue running highway speeds.”

Dalton likes to put his Power Stroke to work and will haul just about anything from vehicles, construction equipment, and even round bales of hay, as seen above. An upgraded turbo and Power Hungry Performance programmer add enough power to pull whatever Dalton needs.

More Power For The 6.0 Power Stroke

To squeeze more power out of the 6.0, Dalton installed an H&S Performance programmer. He also added a 40-horsepower tune from Power Hungry Performance into the fuel injection control module (FICM), along with the blue spring fuel pressure regulator upgrade. This will increase fuel pressure to help improve injector operation and help them live longer. In addition, a stage-2 turbo pushes out 40-pounds of boost and connects to a 4-inch downpipe with a 5-inch exhaust to let the 6.0 sing its song.

One of the deciding factors in buying the Ford was the Estate Green/Arizona Beige two-tone paint. The color combination got Dalton’s attention, and he had to have it.

The color, wheel, and tire combination definitely set this King Ranch off. The Wheels are the 20-inch Cali Summit with a -51mm offset in the front and with -232mm offset in the rear with 20-inch fuel inners with 35×12.50 Venom XTs tires. They give the truck a super aggressive look and stand out from all the other duallys in town. We imagine that going threw a drive-through is not something Dalton does due to how far the back tires stick out.

“One of the deciding factors in buying the truck, and my favorite thing about it, was the color. It’s a rare color that looks unique and pops in different lighting,” explains Dalton.

Interior Update

Astute Ford fans will realize Dalton swapped the front end of the truck to a 2005-2007 and added 2008-2016 rearview mirrors, however, that was not the only thing he changed. The interior is fitted with a 2005-2007 dash and 2008-2016 door panels on all four doors. This custom modification adds a breath of new life into the interior.

The newer style door panels give the interior a more modern look on this early 2000s-model King Ranch “work” truck.

While Dalton isn’t very friendly with how he treats his truck, and the 6.0 is known to have problems with head gaskets, amongst other failures, he says this truck is taking it like a champ. We suspect right now, on some backroad, Dalton is using all the power of the 6.0, pulling a load that is definitely “DOT” approved.

Do you want to see more Reader’s Rigs? So do we. This is a new column will be putting together and we need your help. If you would like to share yours, we want to hear about it — we can never get enough. If you want to see more trucks built by you the readers, send a few pictures of your rig showing the engine, interior, and exterior, along with all of the pertinent information, and we’ll make you internet famous. You can send your submissions to [email protected].

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