Mustang Girl Monday: Nikki Frost and Her Need for Speed

It’s Mustang Girl Monday brought to you by Team Mustang Girls. This week we would like to introduce Nikki Frost and her custom wrapped Tiffany Blue 2013 GT.

Nikki has always been a Ford girl, not by choice but by fate. Her first car was an Escort followed by many other Ford models. Nikki’s fastest car was a SHO, until she bought her Mustang! Now she sees every light on the Christmas tree and loves long distance drives mostly for because they end at a drag racing event. Beating boys? The more, the merrier.

She bought her pony in June 2012 because the Mustang platform was at a point that she felt she could justify a car payment for the first time and they had just introduced the Gotta Have It Green. The planets aligned for Nikki and her car was a R&D car for the 2013 Vortech V-3SI supercharger kits as well as a booth car at SEMA.


Nikki is now sponsored by several companies and has had experiences a car enthusiast can only dream of. Nikki knows how lucky she is and says “Dreams are fleeting and I am enjoying my experiences in the car community while I can, knowing that the experiences are worth everything in the world”.


This past year Nikki has focused more on drag racing in the NMRA series. She found it’s a legal version that quenches her need for speed!. Before her Mustang, she had never been drag racing. This spring she was the Runner-Up of the NMRA All-Female Shootout!. Nikki feels there are two people that have helped her to the place she is today – her husband, Keith Fidura, and her good friend, Brian Ellis. “Thank you both for taking a chance on me – I am so grateful and hope that I make you as proud of me as I am of you two. Thank you to absolutely everyone that has made my success a reality!” Not only does she drive a hot car, she is grateful and knows how lucky she it to be living her dream. We look forward to seeing what she does next!

Each week Team Mustang Girls features a different woman and her Mustang. Check out the past featured ladies from Mustang Girl Monday and submit your own Mustang story by messaging the Team Mustang Girls Facebook page.

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