Reader’s Rides: The Holy Trinity Fox Body Named “Venom”

The idea of swapping a V8 engine into a four- or six-cylinder chassis is nothing new. Since the dawn of the hot-rod era, enthusiasts have made it a passion to take what could essentially be called a blank slate and turned it into their own powerful creation. While the reasons to do so are as numerous as there are engine swaps, the majority of these are done for insurance purposes, lighter weight, or simply put, finding a clean chassis to start with. Whatever the reason may be, the 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang has had a crosshair locked on it for years now.

Fox Body


One person that is extremely familiar with the Fox Body Mustang swap process is Jeramy Morris. Jeramy does more than just build Mustangs out of his shop, he’s the president of the North Texas Foxbody Club that boasts members in the hundreds. At the 2021 LMR Cruise-in, Jeramy banded together his Mustang cronies to bring 200 Fox Body Mustangs into Texas Motor Speedway at one time. While his friends drove a few of his 1993 Mustang Cobras, the main attraction was Jeramy in his Reef Blue notchback sans hood. The exposed engine bay would reveal a 5.8-liter Trinity engine wedged between the Scott Rod engine bay panels.

When Jeramy originally found this chassis it was a running and driving four cylinder car. Most would have been fine cruising the coupe to save gas until parts were acquired. However, Jeramy is not like most and decided to instantly tear into the build starting with a complete tubular suspension with adjustable QA1 control arms. A pair of Viking Performance coilovers would find their way onto the front end and a Flaming River manual rack would shed a few pounds off the chassis. The solid rear axle was replaced in favor of a complete independent rear suspension from a 2004 Cobra.

This Fox Body sports a Ford 5.8-liter Trinity engine pulled from a 2014 Shelby GT500.

When it came to choosing a powerplant, a unique choice was made using Ford’s Trinity engine from a 2014 Shelby GT500. This 5.8-liter engine gives the lightweight coupe over six times as much power as what it came with from the factory. While the 2.3-liter engine could barely squeak out a measly 105 horsepower, the dominant 5.8-liter supercharged engine easily belts out close to 650 horsepower! A massive jump that is only furthered to 895 horsepower with the addition of a Kenne Bell 3.6 Mammoth blower. Instead of just holding onto the steering wheel as the powerful combination lays thick black stripes down the roadway, Jeramy opted for TREMEC T56 to row the gears.

Fox Body

Weld S77 wheels round off the build and provide the perfect size to fit some meaty tires on the back.

After the suspension and drivetrain was finished, he was able to tend to the restoration side of the build. The body was fully prepped before being sprayed in Reef Blue paint with a purple pearl mixed in. Once the paint was finished all body trim, moldings and lights were replaced. The car would then make the trek to Arlington, Texas, to be displayed at the Summit Racing location for three months.

To Jeramy the car is more than just another V8 swapped Fox. It’s the signature on the dotted line that represents his shop, work ethic, and imagination. It also hits three points of creating a perfect Fox Body: power, suspension, and aesthetics. We look forward to seeing this car again at the 2022 LMR Cruise-In.

Fox Body

In a sea of Mustangs, Jeramy’s 1993 Reef Blue stands our from the crowd. The unique engine choice and clean build makes it one of a kind.

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