This Drag-And-Drive Ford Ute Belts Out 1,115 Horsepower To The Tires

ford, Turbocharged, Ford FPV Tornado Ute

Drag-and-drive events are the latest trend in drag racing these days, and Australia has its share of these types of events, as well. This 2006 Ford FPV BF F6 Tornado Ute was built just for those events, and is “limited” to just 35 psi of boost pressure to make sure it survives the onslaught of racing and street driving.

This Ute, which belongs to Lachlan Trethowan, was already capable from the factory with 416 horsepower and 565 lb-ft of torque, but it’s Barra 4.0-liter in-line, six-cylinder engine has been rebuilt by Horsepower Junkies. The staff there fitted it with the company’s billet crankshaft, race-spec cylinder head, and fortified internals.

Turbocharged, Ford FPV Tornado Ute, drag and drive

Boost comes from a Garrett GTX50 turbocharger that works with a Turbosmart wastegate before it crams the compressed atmosphere into the Tunnel Vision Inlet Plenum. There, it is treated to a frosty amount of nitrous oxide thanks to a Switzer Dynamics direct-port nitrous system.

All told, the E85-fueled engine combination was good for 1,115 horsepower to the tires on 35 psi of boost. All Trade Automotive tuned the Ute’s Haltech Nexus R5 ECU, which not only controls the engine, but the whole car. The engine, transmission, lights, windshield wipers and more can be operated by a CAN touch pad, and a Haltech IC7 dash was installed to display the instruments and shift lights.

Backing the potent Barra engine is a two-speed Powerglide transmission that is connected to a full-floater Ford 9-inch rearend built by Marshall Speed Shop. Weld wheels are the hoops of choice with beadlocks on the back.

The Ute, and its driver, recently had its first track outing, where it recorded a 9.30 at 150 mph.

“It’s should have 8.70-8.80s in it once we sort the converter by the look of the data,” said All Trade Automotive’s Brett Ewings. “We would like to thank Lachie for trusting us with his pride and joy, and we would also like to give a huge shout out to all the people involved that make a car like this come together,” said Ewing.

Turbocharged, Ford FPV Tornado Ute

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