Ultimate Shelby? Twin-Turbo GT350 Makes 1,328 RWHP!

Ultimate Shelby? Twin-Turbo GT350 Makes 1,328 RWHP!

If you follow Fathouse Fabrications on any of its social media channels, then you’re probably already used to seeing a healthy dose of Mustang content from the boys who “Build Speed Right” out of Indiana. It seems like every other day the self-proclaimed “Mustang Twin-Turbo Headquarters” is cranking out another quad-digit horsepower-making Shelby GT350 like it’s going out of style.

This stunningly blue 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is a prime example. The car is owned by John Bradley, one of the shop’s customers, and is considered to be one of the “OG’s” of  the Fathouse Fabrication’s 1200R cars. Bradley’s GT350 helped pave the way for the shop’s 1200R package of today, which entails a top-to-bottom twin-turbo makeover for GT350 owners.

Photos courtesy of Trevor Flora, Fathouse Fabrications.

His ultra-clean Shelby features all the top-shelf components for GT350s on the market today, and you’d be hard pressed to tell from the outside that it makes quad-digit power — more than 1,328 horsepower and 927 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels on 23 pounds of boost, to be exact.

Follow along as Bradley details how a trip to his local car dealership one afternoon in 2016 evolved into one of the most powerful Shelby GT350s on the road today built by the Mustang Twin-Turbo Headquarters.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Fathouse Fabrications serializes all its builds, adding a personalized and unique touch to every Shelby Mustang that leaves its facility.

Although Bradley owns one of the fastest Shelby GT350s in the nation now, his eye for fast cars wasn’t fully developed until after graduating high school. What’s more, he owned a Brand X vehicle first! Can you say: “sacrilegious?” (joking, of course.)

“I became interested in cars after graduating from high school in 1993,” he explained.

“My first performance car was a 1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.”

Eventually, Bradley came to his senses and ditched the Camaro.

“Not long after I had the Z28, I switched to a 1995 Ford Mustang and began modifying it almost immediately! This was the first car I had ever owned that was pretty quick,” he detailed.

“Eventually, we had a 347ci stroker engine that was tuned for race gas, and that Mustang hauled!”

Bradley owned the car for quite sometime until his first child was born in 2005. Coincidentally, he and his wife also started a new business around the same time. Unfortunately, as he put it, “the hot rods had to stop” at that time. In 2015, the drought ended, and he purchased a 2003 SVT Cobra. Undoubtedly he enjoyed the Cobra for the time being, but one day, fate would have it that Bradley would become the owner of an all-new Shelby GT350.

“One day in 2016, I made a visit to my local Ford dealer with the intention of picking up a service truck for my business. Being a car enthusiast, curiosity got the best of me, and there it was; I had stumbled across the all-new [at the time] 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. And I said to myself, ‘I have to have that!'”

“The rest is history,” as they say.

The Need For More Power

Certainly the Shelby’s factory-rated 526 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque is no slouch out of the box. After all, those figures once certified it as the most powerful naturally aspirated Mustang from Ford at the time. Eventually, most of us grow tired of stock horsepower levels, though. It is only then we must ask ourselves, “what next?”

Bradley found himself asking the same question, to which he was greeted with the right answers.

“I actually came across Fathouse Fabrications from a recommendation,” he shared.

“They are a great bunch of guys to work with. The twin-turbo kit they make is top notch, and I don’t believe for one minute anyone does it better! We talked about the potential for making big power for all sorts of different driving events, something that was extremely important to me. I wanted the car to be multifaceted.”

Let The Build Begin

See anything out of the ordinary? Unless you know what to look for, you might just assume this is an average Shelby GT350.

After consulting with the shop’s owner, Ben Stoner, Bradley had a road map to becoming one of the most powerful Shelby GT350s on the road. Stoner recommended the shop’s esteemed Shelby GT350 1200R Twin-Turbo Package.

Fathouse Fabrications prides itself on doing things differently, and the results speak for themselves. The shop incorporates a “checklist” of sorts whenever a customer’s car is admitted for a build. Firstly, the car gets a protective treatment by way of protective film wrapped about the entire exterior. And when a customer’s car isn’t in build-mode, it’s safely tucked away under a car cover with accompanying seat covers and floor mats.

“Every 1200R twin-turbo package gets the same high-quality components that we use exclusively at Fathouse Fabrications,” said Stoner.

“We’ve hand-picked an array of custom and aftermarket components that we use in our packages. Any sort of fabrication necessary, which includes all of the exhaust components, as well as the intercooler pieces, is custom fabricated here in-house at our facility making it unique to your vehicle.”

If there's one thing that Fathouse Fabrications is known for, it's certainly its hand-built stainless steel exhaust systems. Fathouse Fabrications makes use of heavy-wall, stainless steel construction for its custom turbo manifolds and exhaust components using precision tig-welding throughout. For those of you who are fans of aggressive exhaust tones, you're bound to enjoy this one — mufflers not included.

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Specs


  • Block: Sleeved stock 5.2-liter Voodoo
  • Crankshaft: Stock forged steel
  • Rods: Forged steel
  • Pistons: Forged aluminum
  • Camshafts: Ford
  • Cylinder Heads: Ford four-valve aluminum, stainless steel valves with custom heavy-duty valve springs
  • Intake: Stock GT350

Fuel System

  • Injector Dynamics’ ID1700 fuel injectors, Fore Innovations triple-pump return-style fuel system with Walbro 285 fuel pumps


  • Fathouse Fabrications hand-built 1 7/8-inch turbo manifolds, full stainless steel custom 3-inch race exhaust featuring deleted mufflers


  • Engine Management: MoTec M150 ECU package, electronic boost controller


  • Stock Voodoo


  • Transmission: TREMEC T56 Magnum XL six-speed manual
  • Clutch: McLeod Racing RXT 1200 triple-disc clutch
  • Axles: G-Force Level 5 half-shafts

Front Suspension

  • K-member: Factory
  • A-arms: Factory
  • Struts: Factory
  • Springs: BMR
  • Brakes: Factory Brembo with drilled rotors and upgraded pads
  • Wheels: Factory Shelby GT350R
  • Tires: Nitto NT05 20-inch drag radials

Rear Suspension

  • Shocks: Factory
  • Springs: BMR
  • Lower Control Arms: BMR Anti-Wheel Hop Package
  • Brakes: Factory Brembo with drilled rotors and upgraded pads
  • Wheels: 20-inch Project 6GR
  • Tires: Nitto NT05 20-inch drag radials (and sometimes 20-inch Toyo R888s)

Two Turbos Are Better Than One

The 1200R Twin-Turbo Package includes a built short-block featuring all the forged findings for nearly 1,500 rear-wheel horsepower. Naturally, you’ll find upgraded sleeves, a billet oil-pump, and a matching billet crank, sprocket gears included.

During the build process, Bradley opted to ditch the factory transmission in favor of the venerable TREMEC T56 Magnum XL six-speed manual transmission with a McLeod Racing RXT 1200 triple-disc clutch.

“I’ll always prefer to row gears in all my cars, and for what I plan to do with the build, going with a Magnum XL just made sense,” Bradley commented.

“I wanted to keep a manual transmission, but I needed something stronger for the amount of power. For me, that’s part of the experience of driving the car; it’s having that feeling of shifting through the gears. It’s just something that I have always enjoyed about driving cars; it’s in your control, and I like that.”

A McLeod Racing RXT 1200 triple-disc clutch fits snug into its new home, thanks to the bellhousing included in the Magnum XL kit. Rounding out the drivetrain (albeit not pictured), a carbon-fiber driveshaft, G-Force Racing Level Five axles, Nitto NT05 drag radials, and BMR suspension components are included in the 1200R Twin-Turbo Package as well.

Though the Magnum XL kit was originally designed by TREMEC for the 2005-2014 S197 Mustang platform, adapting it to the 2015+ S550 body isn't impossible, as shown here.

A massive 4.5-inch air-to-air intercooler featuring a unique corrosion-preventing coating soaks up every inch of usable space in the Shelby GT350's front grill. This intercooler is tasked with the responsibility of cooling the compressed air, aiding in the creation of 23 pounds of boost from two turbochargers at any given time.

The 1200R Twin-Turbo Package makes use of a handful of additional components as well. Keeping two 62mm Xona Rotor dual ball-bearing turbochargers pumping out big boost means a cast of necessary components all serve a purpose.

Fathouse Fabrications utilizes TIAL MVS wastegates and a TIAL Q blow-off valve to keep boost levels in check when letting off the throttle.

Feeding a mass amount of 93 octane for low boost on the street, and Ignite Racing Fuel’s E85 for all-out power, comes from a proven fuel setup. Fathouse Fabrications relies on Injector Dynamics ID1700 fuel injectors in combination with a return-style fuel system using a Fore Innovations triple-pump system with three Walboro 285 fuel pumps in order to maximize power.

No matter where you look, it's clear that this Shelby is built by one of the best.

What Lies Ahead?

Bradley’s 2016 Shelby GT350 featuring Fathouse Fabrications’ Shelby GT350 1200R Twin-Turbo Package makes 1,328 horsepower and 927 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels on 23 pounds of boost.

Keeping a 1200R-equipped Shelby’s vitals in check comes from a MoTec M150 ECU and an electronic boost controller with multiple settings.

“All Shelby GT350 1200R Twin Turbo packages come standard with the MoTec M150 ECU,” Stoner told us.

“This is the most powerful engine management system available for your GT350 and will completely change your driving experience.”

Certainly Bradley can agree with that last statement. He’s had the pleasure of driving his 1200R-equipped GT350 for nearly a year now, and he couldn’t be happier with it (though it’s hard to complain about a Shelby GT350 which makes nearly 1,350 horsepower at the rear wheels anyways, right?).

“The tuning was done in-house by Corbin Johnson. The great thing about it is the availability of remote tuning,” he enthused.

We asked Bradley what’s next for the car. He said he’s enjoying “just driving it and having fun with it,” but while he’s on the subject…

“I plan on running in half-mile events with the car,” he said.

“I can’t leave the house without my sidekick. My little eight year-old, Cainan, is right there with me anytime I fire it up.”

We like that plan, Bradley. Now, get to it!

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