OpEd, Courtney Barber: Trolls Beware, I’ll Sit On My Car If I Want

Photo by Rob Kinnan

Recently I posted pictures of me sitting on my car and the comments that followed were entertaining to say the least.  I tried to ignore them all but then it just got ridiculous. For some reason strangers felt it necessary to tell me where I can and can’t put my ass. Now I’m not saying I want to sit on any car, but when it comes to mine, the car I own, paid for and spent years working on, I will put my ass any where I please!

Photos by Rob Kinnan

Everyone always says you just have to ignore the negative trolls on the internet when you put yourself out there.  I know my ass isn’t the only victim. I write the weekly Mustang Girl Monday and each Monday I get to see how nasty and cruel people can be. Either the girl is too fat, too skinny, has too much car or not enough.  Is it jealousy? A Bad day? Boredom? Is there a pay it backwards movement going on that I’m not aware of?  I’ve gotten better at ignoring comments but does that make the people writing them think it’s ok?
I know these girls are proud of their accomplishments and want to share those with their friends and family but why do they have to debate doing that because some troll decided to try to stomp on their rainbow with ugly comments. I’m not saying I don’t want people to express their opinions, it would be a boring world if everyone thought the same way. But maybe we all need a lesson in constructive criticism. On my personal page I have no problem hitting the delete and block button. Basically I ask myself this question, would the person get punched saying that in a bar? If the answer is yes, they get blocked. If people can’t say their comments in a real world situation without deserving a punch in the face, why is it ok to say them in this magical internet world.

Which brings me back to the comments I received for sitting on my car. Here are a few just to give you an idea. “She needs to get those damn boots off that window,” “I’d make her ass walk home,” “That fat ass going to ruin the roof,”  “Woman, Get your boots off the paint ugh.”

Once again I am not saying I’m not open to people’s opinions. The comment of “I would never do that to my car,” I respect. But when people shout out orders it’s another story. I’ve put hundreds of hours, cases of my favorite adult beverage, blood, sweat and tears into caring for my Mustang. I’ve done 9 rallies and over 100,000 miles crossing the country in my beautiful car and no one in this world loves her as much as I do.  I’ve earned the right to sit where I want and she returns the favor by not caving in on my “fat ass”. On a side note, I thought big butts were the “in” thing at the moment?  Did that window already close?

So to anyone out there who is still reading My Ode to My Ass please be advised- when it comes to my car,I will always, always, always do what I want. And the fact that it irks people makes me want to do it even more!

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