Identity Crisis: Jeremy Allison

Identity Crisis: Jeremy Allison’s Coyote-Swapped RWD Focus ST

Here at Ford Muscle, we’re all about all things Ford and muscle. Makes sense, right? But when thinking of muscle cars, most don’t conjure up images of Ford Focus STs — until now.

Jeremy Allison has changed the Ford Muscle game with his Coyote-swapped and Whipple-supercharged 2016 Ford Focus ST, and we are here for it in a big way. What drove Allison to create such a Frankenstein Ford? Jeremy’s love of drag racing started in his formative teenage years when trips with his father and his brother got the adrenaline pumping through young Jeremy’s veins.

Photos by Euey Media.

Over the years, we’ve seen a few V8-swapped Ford Focuses cross our collective radar, and Jeremy noticed them too. Because of this, he invested in his own Focus, which he purchased from a friend. Before long, he had also happened upon a wrecked Mustang with the perfect donor powerplant and brought it to the attention of his father, Jack. Initially,

Jack wasn’t totally sold on the idea, but he came around quickly. Jeremy was able to source the front suspension, steering, 6R80 six-speed automatic, independent rear suspension, and differential from the donor car, as well as the PCM and TCM. Jeremy was eventually able to make the new electronics work with the factory gauge cluster in the Focus.

The Transformation

So let’s get into the good stuff — the transformation. The entire process took Jeremy and his family only nine months. When you consider the sheer amount of planning, willpower, and of course, money, that goes into a build this complex, it’s clear that an incredible feat has been accomplished here. The 2016 Ford Focus ST has been equipped with the 5.0-liter Gen-2 Coyote out of a 2016 Mustang. A Whipple Gen-5 3.0L supercharger (peep that stunning orange finish) tops the engine, which is also complemented by custom shorty headers paired to a custom 2.5-inch exhaust system.

These components were customized because of the lack of space in the engine compartment of the Focus — after all, Ford never intended for a V8 to sit between these fenders. In order to squeeze the Coyote into the tight engine compartment, Jeremy had to move the entire firewall back, but you’d never know by peeking inside. A 16-gallon aluminum fuel cell stores liquid nutrition for the beastly V8 in the trunk, with products from Magnafuel helping transport fuel to the engine. The combination is good for a lethal 850 horsepower at the rear wheels. Yes, you read that right. This Focus ST is rear-wheel-drive. It also weighs only 2,400 pounds — far lighter than the 2016 Mustang this powertrain belongs in.

Whipple's Gen 5 3.0L Supercharger

The supercharger that tops the Coyote in Jeremy’s Focus ST is Whipple’s latest and greatest. The Gen-5 3.0L is a front-feed twin-screw supercharger, which Whipple boasts features “industry-leading efficiency from idle to redline.” Following its Gen-3 and Gen-4 predecessors, the Gen-5 is equipped with all new bearings, gears, rotors, and an updated housing for faster, longer, and safer spinning to produce an insane amount of power.

The Gen-5 supercharger design features Whipple’s all-new 3/4 rotor combination in contrast to the previous 3/5 combination and a 285-degree helix, compared to the previous 270-degree twist. Its design also features a new bell mouth inlet as well as an optimized discharge port and increased diameter-versus-length ratio, offering greater efficiency.

Whipple engineers created an all-new patent-pending triple intercooler design with even more volume and surface area than before, paired to Whipple’s heat exchanger, water reservoir, and intercooler pump. This combination is good for greater power squeezed out of lower boost levels and quicker recovery times under aggressive driving conditions. You can learn more about this particular supercharger and the rest of the lineup by visiting

Body By Jason

“The first picture is what I started with, fixed, then went all out and did it all myself,” Jeremy explains. “There with nothing but drive and willingness to learn along the way.” The final picture shows the bay where the Focus underwent its transformation.

The exterior transformation was handled by Jeremy’s brother, Jason, at Allison’s Body Shop. It was here that the Focus was transformed from mild to wild. The black and orange color scheme is outfitted with its fair share of carbon fiber accessories. The front fascia and rear bumper are a step up from your run-of-the-mill Focus, seeing as they made their way over from the styling of the Focus RS. A Zunsport grille accents the front fascia.

Jeremy also chose to equip the Focus with a Fortune Flares widebody kit for an additional 60mm of width. Anderson Composites was the go-to spot for carbon fiber components including doors, side skirts, rear hatch, and front valance. A Battle Aero rear wing is perched upon the new rear hatch. A fiberglass cowl hood was chosen to cover the Coyote, and a TB Performance front crash bar was also installed, along with Spyder headlights and taillights.

Suspension And Stance

One of the first things that catch our eye when we look at the Focus is the way it sits. Ceika GT-29 forged two-piece wheels were built to fit seamlessly under the widebody fenders. They measure 20X9.5 inches in the front and 20×11 inches in the rear. All four wheels are wrapped in Toyo Proxes R888 tires (255/35R20 in the front, and 305/35R20 out back).

In the suspension department, Jeremy decided on an Air Lift Performance air ride system which was designed for Mustangs, for a comfortable right, and a crazy low parking stance. A custom front suspension, subframe, and a rearend complete with Performance Pack 3.55 ratio gears from a 2016 Ford Mustang were installed into the Focus. When it comes to braking duties, Jeremy entrusts Ceika 8-piston front calipers and 6-piston rear calipers paired to Ceika rotors (380x32mm in the front and 345x28mm in the rear). A Mustang steering box and steering column were also swapped into the Focus.

The wild black and orange exterior color scheme flows into the interior, with AMX Performance custom door panels and AMX-upholstered carbon fiber Recaro seating. The sharp carbon fiber interior continues with the steering wheel and interior accents. Jeremy custom designed and installed a rollcage before his brother sprayed it with a coat of orange paint.

Passengers are treated to a complete sound system from Memphis Audio (front and rear speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers), providing the soundtrack to what we’re sure is a wild ride. GlowShift gauges help Jeremy keep tabs on the powerplant’s vitals, while a Vintage Air air conditioning system keeps occupants cool and comfortable. The stock steering wheel was swapped out for a Phoenix Automotive carbon fiber version with the running pony front and center paying homage to what’s under the hood. We already told you about the fuel system in the trunk, but we neglected to mention the pair of 10-pound “nitrous” bottles — one of them exists to provide air to the air ride system, but the other will perhaps provide a quick shot of power one day down the road.

Of course, Whipple representatives had kind words for the time and energy put into making this build a reality.

“We’ve supported many engine swaps topped off with a Whipple Supercharger, but this Mustang-inspired Ford Focus is next level,” explains Nick Purciello, product line director at Whipple Superchargers. “The builder, Jeremy Allison, reached out to us in early 2020 to share his vision of shoehorning a Whipplecharged Mustang powertrain into a late-model Focus. To be honest, it seemed like a long shot, but I could tell Jeremy was motivated to pull it off. We jumped on board and helped out with the necessary Whipple components, but it was up to Jeremy to make it all fit. What started out as two totaled vehicles turned out to be one of the greatest feats of backyard fabrication I’ve seen. Not only did Jeremy successfully Mustang-swap a Focus, but he also did it with incredible attention to detail. The end result is mind-blowing. We are proud of Jeremy and to have been a part of this project. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

You can check out more photos and keep up with Jeremy on Instagram at @jrods_customs.

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