PRI 2014 Video: Efficient, Powerful, and Smart Pumps From FueLab

The Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show is the ultimate trade show for the automotive racing world, and all the latest and greatest new parts and accessories for race cars and trucks are on display. Many of these goodies can be used on high-performance street vehicles as well. One of the company’s in attendance was Fuelab, designer and manufacturer of top-shelf fuel pumps and other fuel-system related parts.

FueLab-gas-PRI-107Ron Scharfenberg of FueLab told us the the company’s newest line of high-performance digital-delivery fuel pumps are a result of its development brushless motors. The advantages of these pumps are greater longevity and efficiency, and a more compact motor size.

They have speed control capability, with a high and low switch to keep the motor from overheating when it’s flowing less fuel. “This helps to avoid gaining extra heat if you flow the fuel you don’t need, and eliminates cavitation that is damaging to pumps. Some call it refer to it as vapor lock, but it’s actually fuel vaporization,” said Scharfenburg.

The new pumps can also be programmed through your aftermarket ECU to control the fuel flow of the pump as well, and FueLab also has an electronic fuel regulator that looks at the demand of the engine based on how much fuel is going back through the return line and adjusts the pump accordingly for the best efficiency. Even their EFI pump, meant for up to 1,800 hp, will sit and idle at about 5.5 amps, so it’s very quiet and efficient.

The company has a drop-in module for the 5th-Gen Mustang that still allows for easy access. The Mustang application is the only drop-in model they have currently, but it does have other applications in development, so stay tuned. There are external and in-tank power modules available too.

For more information on FueLab’s offerings for the 2015 Mustang, check out the FueLab web-site


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