PRI 2017: A Full-Color Digital Display For Any Vehicle


Over the last couple years, we have witnessed a rise in race teams making the switch from analog displays setups in their race cars to new digital dashboards. NASCAR, Formula Drift, and even many off-road organizations are making the switch, not to mention the option of being able to order your next sports car with a digital display cluster straight from the factory.

Digital displays provide both professional racers and enthusiasts reliable and accurate data on their vehicles performance in an easy-to-install, customizable package. Users are also able to select which information is shown on the screen. Crucial data like RPM, fuel pressure, water temperature, and oil pressure can all be displayed to the driver at eye level making it easy to detect a problem without having to take one’s eyes off the road or the track.

AEM digital dash display is designed to eliminate the need for multi-gauge displays that require complex wiring and installations.

“We decided to make a digital dash that integrates directly with the cars ECU,” said Henry Schelley, Technical Sales at AEM. “What we did differently with this digital dashboard is we designed it to not only work with our standalone ECU but all other EFI systems as well.”

The new CD-5 and CD-7 digital dash feature a high-contrast, sunlight-readable screen that allows users the ability to customize up to seven programmable pages to fit your different driving environments. The new system also features a dedicated alarm page that can be customized to deliver a text message to the driver in the event of a problem.

Available in a 5- or 7-inch sizes, the new display includes seven LED RPM/shift light indicators on top of the housing. When combined with the AEM’s Vehicle Data Monitor, the system can be configured to add GPS for track mapping and lap times as well as an accelerometer for longitudinal, lateral, and vertical G-loads and a gyrometer for roll, pitch and yaw measurements.

AEM’s CD-7 inch digital dash is available now and the new CD-5 will be for purchase in early 2018. For more on these high-tech dashes, check out the company’s official site right here.

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