PRI 2018: VMP Performance Debuts Big Boost Display At Indy

PRI 2018: VMP Performance Debuts Big Boost Display At Indy

This week some of the biggest names in racing headed out to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show (PRI). This annual event provides the racing community with direct access to some of the hottest and most sought-after products for the new year.

VMP Performance, a worldwide leader in supercharger research and technology, brought out the big guns with an impressive display of supercharger products and custom tuning accessories for racing enthusiasts to enjoy. The Florida-based company, which was founded by Justin and Rebecca Starkey, have been on an epic quest to continue providing its customers with the highest quality products that will stay on the cutting edge of modern technology.

We paid a visit to the VMP Performance booth at this year’s show to talk about some of the products they were most excited about for the 2019 race season.

“One of the products we are very excited about this year is VMP GEN 3 Supercharger for the 2007-2014 Shelby GT500,” said President Justin Starkey. “It features a 2.65L TVS system and is an easy and effective way to add big power to your GT500. This supercharger system can easily handle 1,000+ horsepower applications.”

But making significant power is not just what this company is about. “Everything we do at VMP is about providing our customers with reliable, cost-effective systems. From everyday street cars to full-blown race cars, our supercharger lineup and custom tuning is here to fit your build needs.”

Making The Jump From 2.3L to 2.65L

Earlier this year, VMP Performance made the announcement that it would be upgrading the 2.3L supercharger systems on many of its applications to the 2.65L system. As a collaborative effort, the company also worked with ROUSH Performance on the development of the all-new, powerful VMP Gen3 supercharger.

The project was focused around Eaton’s latest and highest performing R2650 rotor pack foundation, which is capable of 25 percent more airflow compared to the previous model.

Justin was quick to point out that although this is proving to be a very popular request with many in the racing community, the older 2.3L based Gen2R superchargers, which utilize Eaton’s previous rotor design, can still be ordered if you so desire. “We are well aware that not everyone is going to need that much power, especially if your build is strictly for the street,” said Justin. “We are still making the 2.3L as a cost-effective option.”

VMP Full Race Applications

But of course, VMP prides itself on creating full race application supercharger system that will give you an advantage come race day. The company gave us a look at a couple of different race-specific applications including custom porting of the supercharger and intake manifold as well as larger throttle bodies. They even offer a TwinJet 69mm throttle body for those who still drive their 2015-2018 Mustang on the street, which utilizes native electronics.

VMP had Rebecca Starkey’s new Mustang on display which features many of the upgrades that Justin explained, as well as a billet crank support on display. As for what’s next for the company, Justin had this to say: “We are continuing our development for our Gen 3 line for the 2018+ supercharger. Eaton’s 2650 rotors have given us a lot to work with, and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg.”

For the complete line of supercharger products from VMP Performance, you can click on the company’s official website here.

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