PRI 2021: Atturo Tires Rounds Up Sizes For New Drag Radial

Modern cars are equipped with large wheels that aren’t cohesive to what current drag radials have to offer. Oftentimes this results in a brake conversion that gives you less braking ability but does allow you to fit a 15-inch wheel. While losing brake power just to gain more sidewall has been the modus operandi for drag racers for years, that’s all about to change with Atturo Tires’ new lineup.

Atturo Tires is used to making high-performance summer tires for performance vehicles and knobby tires for the off-road community. The company’s lineup stretches across multiple sizes and applications. At the 2021 PRI show, Atturo Tires introduced the letters “D” and “R” to the end of their AZ850 lineup. These two letters signify drag radial. While drag radials are offered from multiple companies, few are offering them in the size range Atturo Tires does.

Atturo Tires will be offering ten different-sized drag radials, ranging from 18-inch through 20-inch, and a selection from 275 to 335. These tires are primarily geared for late-model cars that come pre-equipped with larger brake packages. Atturo’s new drag radials offer more than just traction. The drag radials offer ease of not having to switch brakes, calipers or wheels just go get a grip.

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