PRI 2021: BMR Suspension Gets Tubular With S197

many consider the Ford Mustang to be the most versatile sports car ever. You can see them racing at the drag strip, autocross, and even implemented into the road racing world. While the Mustang performs quite well, there are companies who still revise the chassis and make it an even more formidable competitor. One of those companies is BMR Suspension.

BMR Suspension

BMR has always been the red tube to remember when building your Fox-body Mustang. Now they are pushing its products further into the S197 and S550 market as well. We caught up with BMR Suspension’s sales tech, Kyle Briese, to get more information on its S197 K-member.

“We’ve had this out for a while now, but within the last two years, we’ve changed the setup to make the kit stronger,” said Briese. “The great thing about the K-member is the amount of adjustments you can make. You can also choose between a stock location for engine mounts or lowered ones. This is extremely helpful for those running a large blower and want to make it fit without a cowl hood. It also doubles as a way to lower the center of gravity.”

The BMR Suspension k-member kit also allows an increased clearance for headers and the K-member alone is 18 pounds lighter than stock! So, if you are looking for an all benefits package, then contact the people with the bright red parts. They also have a hammer tone finish for the modest enthusiast.

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