PRI 2021: Dart Celebrates 40th Anniversary With New SHP Heads

When it comes to engine building, picking the right heads can make all the difference in the world. When it comes to picking a brand, the same principles apply. One such brand constantly seen on the engine builder’s go-to list is Dart Machinery.

Dart has been in business since 1981. Its line-up of small block Ford heads has sat atop race engines in every series. They have also provided hot-rodders with a quality head for garage builds. After 40 years of product development, Dart celebrated by introducing new value-packed SHP heads for the Windsor-based small-block Ford.


The 20-degree valve angle configuration has been around for a while within Dart’s Pro 1 series. However, the new SHP series features a revised port design. Dart manufacturers the new heads using permanent molds and dense aluminum alloy to create smooth as-cast runners and combustion chambers. This creates the ability to make more power while still keeping the cost down. Something most DIY engine builders can get behind.

Dart Machinery Pro1 heads on display at the 2021 PRI show

If you are looking for an affordable head that will outperform its price tag, then the Dart SHP heads are a top-notch option. The new heads are sold either bare or assembled. The bare heads come with powdered-metal seats, multi-angle valve jobs, and magnesium bronze valve guides. The assembled heads include Manley stainless steel intake and exhaust valves, multiple valve spring options, Viton valve seals, hardened spring cups, Dart two-piece guide plate, and ARP rocker arm studs.

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