PRI 2021: Derale Cools Things Down For Mustang Owners

The Performance Industry Tradeshow (PRI) is an event we look forward to every year. It is an integral part of the automotive racing marketplace and affords us a glimpse at the epicenter of new racing technology.

With the biggest names in the automotive aftermarket represented, we do our best to visit them all. One company that’s always a standout is Derale Performance.

We caught up with Cam Brandt, the company’s rep at PRI, and he broke down some of the latest offerings – a whole slew of coolers and electric and belt-driven fans. One that stood out to us was a new offering for Mustang fans.

Under extreme driving conditions, automatic transmissions can cook from the inside out. The folks at Derale know this, and so they’ve come up with a fantastic solution for 2011-2014 Ford Mustang owners.

Not only do they offer a 5.0 engine oil cooler kit, but they also have a new transmission oil cooler kit. The transmission cooler mounts right behind the factory bumper cover which makes installation a breeze. The high-quality aluminum cooler actually shares a mounting location with a Roush heat exchanger, so those of you who are familiar with Roush Mustangs will be a step ahead of the competition when it comes time to bolt on this bad boy.

To check out everything new and exciting from Derale, head on over to the company’s website, here. And, of course, check back with us for the most exciting and up-to-date news coming out of the Performance Racing Industry trade show. Until next time…

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