PRI 2021: E3 Ignition’s Carbon Fiber Batteries

The Performance Industry Tradeshow (PRI) is an event we look forward to every year. It is an integral part of the automotive racing marketplace and affords us a glimpse at the epicenter of new racing technology.

With the biggest names in the automotive aftermarket represented, we do our best to visit them all, and one company that’s always a standout is E3 Ignition.

Can you believe this 760 cold-cranking amp powerhouse only weighs 9 pounds?

We caught up with Don Ward, the company’s rep at PRI, and he broke down one of their latest offerings – a new lightweight battery. Don was quick to show us the company’s 760 cold cranking amp battery that only weighs 9 pounds. The body of the minuscule monster is crafted out of carbon fiber, which explains the lightness.

The batteries also have the ability to be run together for a dual setup and they are only available in a 12-volt configuration.

Don explained that the dual setup has been successful for them in the Factory Stock series. Mr.Ward also took some time to show us a new set of factory replacement ignition coils for various applications. So, from spark plugs to coils, and batteries, E3 has enthusiasts covered.

To check out everything new and exciting from E3, head on over to the company’s website, here. And, of course, check back with us for the most exciting and up-to-date news coming out of the Performance Racing Industry trade show. Until next time…

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