PRI 2021: Engine Ice Breaks Ground On Glycol Free Racing Coolant

When it comes to racing, leaked coolants can pose a huge risk. While tech cannot tell the difference between propylene glycol and ethylene glycol, the latter brings an environmental hazard. This is why most tracks specify you are only allowed to run water or a water mix with a glycol-free product. A new stand out in the glycol-free product realm is Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant.

Engine Ice

Engine Ice is hell-bent on creating a product that has better heat transfer than water. They are also claiming better aluminum corrosion protection than its competitors. We sat down with Engine Ice’s Director of Marketing and Sales, Scott Lukaitis, at the 2021 PRI show to discuss the new products.

“The trick here is to find out how much freeze protection you actually need. You don’t need glycol for freeze protection, so the focus then becomes needing a product with better heat dissipation. This is the product for you,” said Lukaitis. “Our new pouches will work with three to five gallons of distilled water. We’re even working on creating new pouches and branding.”

While the new pouch product has not hit the shelf, it is scheduled for a February 2022 release. If you are looking for a product claiming to have a 20-percent less corrosion factor than other coolant additives and better heat transfer than water alone, then give Engine Ice a try.

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